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Darlow Lloyd and Sons Ltd: In focus

Darlow Lloyd and Sons
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Darlow Lloyd and Sons

Darlow Lloyd and Sons Ltd was founded in 1965 and since their inception have specialised in Industrial Waste Management, Asset Recycling, Construction, Plant Hire, Landscaping, Irrigation and Drainage solutions.

The family run company are award winners in Industrial Waste Management and Asset Recycling Initiatives. Darlow Lloyd and Sons provide a wide range of innovative services around the Waste Management, Asset Recycling and Environmental sectors.

Services include soil stabilisation, plant hire, industrial waste management and construction works.

Darlow Lloyd and Sons was initially founded in 1965 by Darlow and Janice Lloyd and in 1973 it expanded to become a limited company. Since 2008 Darlow Lloyd and Sons has diversified their business and have continued to expand into new markets and territories throughout the UK and the rest of the World.

During this time period of growth the company has still managed to retain its core values of always putting the client first, and has built excellent client relations. The experience, innovation and problem solving skills of their team have helped them to win many repeat contracts. Since 1986 the firm has worked closely with Tata Steel UK Ltd Ltd at both Port Talbot and Llanwern Steelworks handling landfill and developing zero waste processes.

As the team work in a hazardous industry the safety of the public and their staff is paramount. The firm identify where fatal risks could occur and design safety protocols to eliminate them. As a result hazards in activities are identified through forward planning. Every element of their safety policy is monitored and recorded and the firm has achieved OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system standard certification.

Waste reduction and recycling is also a topic the firm takes seriously, as they are conscious of the impact their industry can have on the environment. Through their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, the team has shown that waste can be effectively reduced and recycled enhancing both clients and our environmental credentials.

On behalf of Tata Steel Darlow Lloyd & Sons have recently installed a bespoke, patented de-oiling and reclamation of mill scale process in Jamshedpur, India.

Tata Steel’s Indian operations draw its greatest strength as one of the lowest cost producers of steel in the world. The capacity expansion at Jamshedpur has been an important growth project and will help strengthen the product portfolio in India while rebalancing steelmaking capacities across the Group.

Darlow Lloyd & Sons were approached by Tata Steel India to provide an operational process plant with equipment for the due purpose of de-oiling and reclamation of mill scale.

Darlow Lloyd and Sons provided the design and the equipment which included Material Pre Conditioning/de-metaling Screens, a three Stage Attritional Wash Process, Conveyors, Electrolytic Coagulation Water Recycling Process and Emulsion Separator, 6.6kv Transformer, L.V Substation and a Machine Control Centre comprising of a series of electrical control panels and a H.M.I (Human Machine Interface) display screen. Darlow Lloyd &Sons organized and arranged for the shipment of the process equipment into India, Darlow Lloyd &Sons also supplied the necessary engineers to oversee the installation, commissioning, training and 12 month supervision of the project.



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