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How To Turn Your Beer Garden From Dud to Delight

How To Turn Your Beer Garden From Dud to Delight
Written by Roma Publications

By staying true to what you want your bar or restaurant to say, and by following our simple tips, you can create the perfect buzz for your customers this summer.

Redecorate To Increase Outdoor Area Appeal

First things first, if you want your outside area to look the business, then you have to take care of business. That means re-varnishing your wooden tables and benches or investing in new dining products, getting new menus printed and checking your condiment boxes and other table accessories to see whether any replacements are necessary.

Embrace Table Décor To Create An Enticing Atmosphere

Next you need to decided how to compliment the ambiance of your interior premises with your outside presence. Most restaurant owners prefer their areas to look identical in terms of table décor, while outdoor bar areas tend to be scarce in terms of décor, but if you are feeling adventurous then this is your chance to experiment. Check out the next few slides to see how giving each table it’s own personality may be just the thing that draws your customers back again and again.

Utilising ‘Home-Made’ Style Decorations For A Rustic Feel

If your bar or restaurant has a rustic, homey feel then you could transfer this to your outside area by choosing a rustic style flower pot to put on your tables. Each table could match or have a mix of two or three blooms on alternating tables. You could also consider using plastic flowers in order to reduce spending costs, but using real flowers gives the area that personal touch that could make all the difference.

Quirky Décor Additions For A Modern Twist

If you are looking for a more modern design, you could consider creating plenty of space and simplicity, with an added quirk here and there. To make your outside area really different you could invest in some small booklets that offers interesting facts or stories; particularly about your location and the area, or you could add an extra quirk by providing brain teasers that will keep your customers there even when conversation has died.

Provide Kids’ Activities For A Family-Friendly Feel 

Summer is here and that means the children have time off from school. Parents will want to spend time out of the house, meeting with other parents without the fear of chasing their children around a busy outside bar area. Providing summer themed games or colouring packs to keep the children occupied will give your customers a laid-back experience that will have them coming back again and again.

Utilise Shelter & Low Lighting For Outdoor Atmosphere 

Though we hate to admit it, not everybody loves Summer; so having tables that are fitted with sun umbrellas is a fantastic way to satisfy everybody’s temperaments; it’s great to offer your customers the choice between basking in the sun and enjoying the summer without sizzling.

Summer also brings the extension of customers sticking around after a meal to enjoy each others company, which is great news for your bar and restaurant tab. During Summer, people are more likely to mosey outside and continue their evenings talking to one another over a drink or two, so choosing the right lighting could be the difference between scaring people off and extending their time on your premises. Choose low lighting that will create an ambiance, while investing in outside lamps rather than wall lights could, once more, add another layer to the overall appeal of your area.

Create Seasonal Menus For A Unique Draw For Customers 

When people visit a bar or restaurant during the summer months they are expecting new and exciting cocktails and dishes to be available. Food and drink that gives that summer feeling will automatically spark interest and have your customers flocking to try your tasty delights. So read up on your summery drinks and food to spend a Summer overrun with customers!

Maximise External Advertising To Improve Brand Visibility

Done properly you could even increase the return of your customers with clever advertising. You don’t want to bombard your customers with new deals and in your face adverts, instead having adverts cleverly placed around the outside of your building, or spreading your deals through word of mouth is a great way to inform your customers of great deals that they can take advantage of.

Keep Your Staff Engaged In Outdoor Areas For Relaxing Atmosphere 

When people are relaxing in the sun, the last thing they want is to have to get up mid conversation and wait in a long queue to order their food or drinks, to be followed by a long wait and running the risk of being forgotten; out of sight is out of mind, after all! We suggest having a dedicated waitress for you outside area. That way everyone receives a fabulous service without putting any hassle on the customer. It will also mean a quick turn over as once a table has left; retrieving glasses (which you will most likely run short of) and getting the table set up and ready for the next group of customers can be done quickly.

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