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Pita Pit

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

Launched in Kingston, Canada in 1995, Pita Pit is a fresh and healthy eating concept, which is steadily making a name for itself on the high street.

At present, Pita Pit can be found in 11 countries, via more than 460 outlets, with UK-based Pita Pits in key locations such as Manchester, Leeds and London.

Last year Pita Pit launched a new store in Holborn, London, enhancing the brand’s profile across the nation’s capital. Pita Pit Holborn is situated at 115 Kingsway and is open seven days a week, serving a selection of customisable pitas and salads.

Work began on Pita Pit Holborn in July 2014 and was completed and ready to open in August 2014. Architecture Design Limited was responsible for all the design work on the scheme.

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

Speaking to Premier Hospitality about the project, Matt Phillips of Architecture Design Limited, said:

“Pita Pit Holborn is predominantly a take-away site, with 16 seats on a mezzanine level. The store was designed to utilise the existing features, which included the entrance and the double height space of the existing building.

“The restaurant provides a fast turnaround take-away service – with the food prepared, grilled fresh and fully customisable – therefore the concept needed to be shown throughout the design. Pita Pit Holborn had to be branded in a way that said fast-food, but yet at the same time said that this was something different to the standard offering due to the healthy eating concept, as well as the planet friendly and ethically sourced aspects associated with the brand.

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

“The project needed to be achieved on a tight budget, but one that could be achieved through the use of such things as reclaimed wood, a living wall, fsc tables, vegware cutlery and compostable & recycling waste areas in the condiment unit. It is details such as these that make the brand stand out from the standard offering.”

A key feature of the Pita Pit site is a wave of exposed Plumen light bulbs, which create an interesting and imaginative focus point within the design.

Matt said:

“Throughout the design process we challenged ourselves to search for the most innovative and environmentally conscious products. It was therefore only natural for us to partner with the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. Plumen bulbs enabled us to keep our environmental responsibility at the forefront of our minds when creating the healthiest environment for our customers and our people.”

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

Such is the success of Pita Pit Holborn, that the project has recently been listed amongst a strong collection of eating and drinking establishments that are up for recognition at this year’s Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Matt commented:

“Pita Pit is a fast, casual restaurant that came to us with a desire to brand and style a concept specific to a UK market. To be showcased at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is great recognition.”

Discussing the importance of the project, Matt said:

“We have spent a long time developing the correct branding for Pita Pit to enter the UK. We have built a couple of stores for Pita Pit, prior to delivering this store, but it is the Holborn store that we believe first encompasses all of the elements we wanted to achieve within the right environment.”

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

EMC Contracts (UK) Group Limited was the main contractor on Pita Pit. EMC Contracts (UK) Group Limited utilise their own joiners, floor layers, decorators, plumbers, electricians and ceiling fixers, so can offer the full fit-out package for any concept.

Craig Meredith, said:

“Pita Pit is a rapidly expanding brand that has reached the UK. They have an extensive rollout of restaurants across the UK and this was a great project to be involved with.”

For more information about Pita Pit, please visit:

Pita Pit, Holborn, London

Service Graphics

Service Graphics specialise in the delivery of large format digital printing including complete store openings, rollout campaigns and temporary point of sale schemes.  The firm were established in 1961 and pride themselves in delivering retail solutions for over 50 years.

Since their inception Service Graphics have worked with a range of great clients delivering interior graphics and signage for high profile restaurant chains and retailers.

The firm have established a long standing relationship with Pita Pit having surveyed all of the brands UK store locations, as well as colour matching and producing all of the in-store graphics and signage for each store.

Service Graphics installation team across the UK installed in each site. Service Graphics Tristan Shaun commented:

“Pita Pit are rapidly growing their estate across the UK and wanted a graphics partner with experience in the retail sector and a proven track record in store openings and promotional rollouts. We understand their scope, environment and visual communication goals.”

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