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In the spotlight: CONSTRUCT

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Construction Association

Formed in 1993, CONSTRUCT is a trade association which exists to benefit its members, which include those working within the Construction Structures industry.

CONSTRUCT is regarded as a professional organisation and its membership is open to people who share an interest in the promotion of excellence in concrete.

CONSTRUCT adheres to four main priorities: the improvement of safety and efficiency; the co-ordination of views which act in the best interests of members; the promotion of innovative uses of concrete; and the identification of best practices and buildability.

CONSTRUCT takes health and safety very seriously and the well-being of the association’s workforce is a number one priority. CONSTRUCT strives for incident-free working environments and works with all members, designers and clients to achieve this.

CONSTRUCT’s health and safety committee meet regularly in order to share and discuss best practice solutions when it comes to safety in the work place. In addition, CONSTRUCT invites external organisations and construction stakeholders to share their views and experience.

CONSTRUCT focuses on training, with new courses being introduced in order to transfer the knowledge of individuals. The organisation is also committed to actively promoting and leading innovation in the use of concrete. CONSTRUCT invests in opportunities to work with suppliers to both enhance and improve products, equipment and plant which is used in the production of concrete structures.

A spokesperson for CONSTRUCT, said:

“We are acknowledged across the construction industry as a professional and proactive organisation which acts as an interface between member contractors, clients and suppliers, and between other elements of the construction industry with all its stakeholders. As such, membership is open to all those who have an interest in promoting excellence in concrete.

“CONSTRUCT is the trade association for those working in the Concrete Structures industry. Worth more than £1 billion per annum, the projects that our members deliver account for as much as 93% of that total spend.

“It would be fair to say that our members, and the approximate 12,000 staff who would work for them, are directly responsible for the safety and efficiency of a vast majority of in situ concrete frames and associated structures which are built anywhere in the UK.

“As a members’ organisation, CONSTRUCT represents all the voices in our specialist sector, with a membership made up of specialist concrete frame contractors as well as their clients, suppliers, consultants and other industry bodies.

“Whether the new build project is a high profile architectural masterpiece or core public sector infrastructure, our members will, most likely, be responsible for the materials, the machines and the men that built it.

“As an organisation, we are positioned to directly and specifically improve the concrete frames and structures industry, to constantly evaluate and respond to industry needs, and to influence developments in speed and economy.”

In order to become a member of CONCRETE, companies must complete an application form alongside all relevant supporting documents. Concrete frame contractors must be financially stable, active in the concrete frame construction industry, be capable of providing materials, labour and plant and must conform with acceptable industry employment practices. In addition, members must be able to demonstrate that concrete frame construction is their core activity and that the can achieve all industry performance standards. A health and safety policy is also required.

Membership fees vary from an annual subscription fee of £3500 for contractors to a £75 annual subscription fee for individuals. All applications are reviewed and approved by the Membership Committee and ratified by the CONSTRUCT Council.

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