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The Dormy House Hotel opens court

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

 The Dormy House Hotel is a stunning hotel and spa situated above the village of Broadway.

The hotel was constructed around a 17th Century farmhouse and serves up fantastic views across the Cotswolds, excellent surroundings and all the comforts of home.

In order to provide guests with the best stay possible, The Dormy House Hotel has recently undertaken an extensive refurbishment, which included the installation of a beautiful spa. Included within this was the refurbishment of its Danish Court – a ten-bedroom courtyard situated within the hotel grounds.

Trevillion Interiors has a long standing working relationship with The Dormy House Hotel, so were the ideal choice for delivering Danish Court.

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

Speaking to Premier Hospitality about the project, Frances Blackham of Trevillion Interiors, said:

“Dormy House comprises an old 17th Century building and a number of associated buildings within the grounds, including the Danish Court.

“We completed ten rooms on the Danish Court project; all delivered with their own distinct personality but at the same time remaining in line with the overall refurbishment of the hotel.

“We were asked by our client to maintain a Scandinavian flavour which wasn’t too heavily themed. We followed the principles of a fairly neutral palate throughout all of the bedrooms, introducing some clean, crisp prints on the cushions as well as some iconic Danish pieces of furniture, from dining chairs to rocking chairs.”

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

Frances added:

“For the artwork we followed the storylines of Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson. This theme was implemented in a very contemporary way, so for example, The Princess and the Pea involved lots of layers of colour. The Emperor’s New Clothes, meanwhile, included a frame with elements associated with the story as well as a frame which was completely empty. There was a real play on the storylines and this created a clever mix throughout the design of each room.”

Work was completed on Danish Court in time for Easter 2014. As the court is located away from the main building the project did not affect the ongoing operation of the hotel and the project ran smoothly without any difficulties.

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

Frances said:

“The biggest challenge on the project was ensuring the rooms remained desirable. As the court is situated away from the main hotel building we wanted guests to really appreciate what it has to offer – its own courtyard, its own space. The project was about maintaining that wonderful welcome guests get at Dormy, and the anticipation of staying in the hotel, whilst taking that feeling across to an independent part of the grounds.”

Working on Danish Court has been another satisfying and rewarding project for Frances and Trevillion Interiors.

Discussing the importance of the Danish Court project, Frances said:

“We work on large corporate projects, so we have a great knowledge of this side of the hospitality industry, but it is always good to work on projects which are design led. It is always a challenge to make sure we can deliver the practicalities of staying in a hotel, whilst at the same time meeting the expectations of a high-end boutique environment, but we have achieved this with the Danish Court.”

Dormy House Hotel, Worcestershire, Broadway

Original BTC Limited was responsible for the supply of lighting to the Danish Court project.

Commenting on the project, Charlie Bowles of Original BTC Limited, said:

“It was great to supply and see our products being used on such a great project. The products fit perfectly with the interior of the hotel.”

For more information about The Dormy House Hotel, please visit: www.dormyhouse.co.uk.

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