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Warm Up at the Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar

Fire & Lake, Radisson Blu, Leeds
Written by Roma Publications

Fire & Lake,  Radisson Blu, Leeds

 Radisson Blu has rebranded the Leeds hotel’s bar and restaurant, developing it into a city centre dining location as well as a great place for hotel guests to eat, drink and relax.

The restaurant has been given an entirely new look, accompanied by a new name and a sizzling new menu. The redesign was done by Trevillion Interiors.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Design Director Frances Blackham.

Frances said:

“Fire Lake is something that Rezidor had already developed & implemented in Massachusett’s as a concept before coming to us. Our job was to interpret the concept into a design profile for the Leeds property being the very first of it’s kind in Europe.

Fire & Lake,  Radisson Blu, Leeds

“We’ve created an all encompassing sociable space, a real destination for people in the city centre to choose to go and eat rather than just for the hotel guests. The brand really wanted the restaurant to have a “high street appeal.”

Trevillion Interiors have worked on a number of design projects for Radisson in terms of Public areas and hotel bedrooms. For the Fire Lake Grill House, Trevillion Interiors gave the venue an on trend urban, industrial feel using steel, dark and rough sawn timbers, metal beams, exposed conduits and pipework and aged leather contrasting with contemporary heavy woven fabrics.

Frances added:

“The Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar is a very social environment, there’s lots of seating at different levels for various dining and drinking experiences. The idea is that you can go in for a cup of coffee or a smart dinner. The environment is suitably glamorous and it really makes use of the double height of the building.

Fire & Lake,  Radisson Blu, Leeds

“It’s got a view in to the kitchen complete with Josper Oven so there’s a theatrical aspect but at the same time it does need to be an appealing place for the hotel’s breakfast service.”

Following a year long design process, the works on site took place over several weeks, during which the hotel remained in full operation.

Frances told us:

“Obviously the hotel being open had its logistical issues but it went well. The hotel was able to relocate the breakfast area while the works took place and the reception desks were worked on individually to maintain the facility at all times. It was not without its difficulties but it wasn’t a huge problem.”

Fire & Lake,  Radisson Blu, Leeds

Fire Lake Grill House and Cocktail Bar boasts a Yorkshire style infused menu with a twist. Visitors can absorb the comforting surroundings, coupled with the enchanting smells and woodiness of flavours coming from the kitchen. Enjoy a meal with expertly blended drinks from the cocktail waiters and experience an unparalleled dining experience.

The restaurant surroundings include a graffiti image of the Iconic Yorkshire man, Peter O’toole, relaxing at Cannes film festival many moons ago. Guests enjoy resting spaces, private event pockets and a new cocktail bar and chef’s table where they can experience rustic, yet refined, dining and get drawn into the craftsmanship of the wood-smoked, flame-cooked, potent dishes and confident skills of the chefs.

Fire & Lake,  Radisson Blu, Leeds

In addition to the Restaurant at Radisson Blu Leeds, Trevillion Interiors are delighted to be involved with a variety of projects throughout the brand

Frances said:

“It’s great to work with the Radisson brand concept and to be given something different to interpret. It’s always a welcome challenge and it pushes us in terms of our designer thought process.

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