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Energia Renewables

Energia Renewables
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Energia Renewables

Energia Renewables are a renewable energy provider, delivering electricity and gas to Irish businesses since 1999.

One of the leading renewable energy companies in the Republic of Ireland, Energia currently provides 25% of Ireland’s wind power and only plan to expand the business with the expansion into renewable energy for homes.

Bringing their expertise from the market straight to your doorstep, Energia are offering great value electricity and gas packages that will save money on energy bills every month.

Energia Renewables are committed to developing renewable energy in Ireland and are proud of the fact that 25% of the country’s wind power is provided through them. They also have power plants in Dublin which allow 20% of the total national electricity needs.

The company believes that renewable energy has a positive impact on life for future generations and has numerous advantages over conventional energy sources. Carbon emissions are much lower with renewable energy and supplies will not run out; renewable energy sources are widely available in Ireland and do not need to be imported and it is not subject to price variations. Ireland has potential for harnessing wind power and Energia operates 40 wind farms in locations across the country.

Energia understand that it’s not only about cheaper electricity and gas. Switching your energy supplier should be simple and hassle free with no nasty surprises. They take great pride in delivering excellent customer service and are committed to ensuring a seamless supplier switchover and a great customer experience.

Switching your energy provider to Energia is made simple, with options to sign up online, over the phone or in person. Once that’s done, the company contact your old energy supplier and start the process of switching your energy account over to Energia, meaning that you don’t have to contact your old supplier. Customers then receive a registration letter followed by a welcome pack, a final bill from your previous provider and finally an Energia first bill. Energia work hard to reduce carbon emissions by offering an online billing system with incentives. The Energia online system allows you to access your account at any time, as well as being able to update your details, view your bills, make advance payments, view your energy consumption, submit a meter reading and of course reduce your carbon footprint – reducing time and paper waste.

Energy is an important part of daily life; powering our homes and fuelling the day. Energia provide a full range of energy saving services that help to reduce the energy which you use, lowering the cost of your energy as well as your carbon footprint. From boiler servicing to energy efficient upgrades for your home, Energia Renewables have the skills and expertise to ensure that the highest standards are met on all works carried out by their team of professionals.

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