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A Revolutionary Venue

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds
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Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

A new addition of the exciting Revolucion de Cuba chain has been introduced to Leeds, placing a spark of fun and Cuban magic into the area of Call Lane.

The refurbishment project began in July this year, with main contractor Coccion Construction finalising the developments in September, and the doors opening to the public shortly after.

Julian Taylor Design Associates worked on the design aspects of the interior, providing a high quality and timely service. Established in 2000, Julian Taylor Design Associates specialise in hotels and restaurants, having produced projects all over the world including the United States, Angola, and Southern Africa – with a whole range of clients.

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

Premier Hospitality caught up with Julian Taylor, Managing Director of Julian Taylor Design Associates, to discover some key aspects on the new venue. Julian said:

“The developments took place over three floors, with toilets in the basement, a large bar on the ground floor and then the club room on the first floor. The entire venue is roughly 6000² ft, with bars on both the ground and first floor.

“We have worked with Revolution for 19 years now – as a company we do try and build long-term relationships. We have worked on 65 Revolution sites before this one in fact.”

The design team used a number of quality materials to create the design that they were aiming towards, including timber on the floors and bars and mild steel for some of the entrances. Reclaimed timber has been put to good use in the club, as well as the addition of classic ceramic tiles in the toilets.

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

Neutral and earthy colours have been accompanied by stylish flooring and quirky mosaic patterns, delivering a Cuban-esque, vibrant ambience to the venue. Splashes of reds and yellows have been incorporated into the mix, contrasting with the neutrals and adding a warm, fiery tone to the overall design.

Julian Taylor Design Associates also integrated a lot of mirroring on the ground floor bar, with the addition of flat cut powder coated screens to embellish the area. A focal point on the ground floor is the large, shiny glitter ball suspended at the heart of the room, adding a touch of disco to the venue.

Attractive timber flooring and banquette seating feature on the first floor, accompanied by chic dark stained timber front and back bars, giving a sophisticated feel to the space.

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

Julian commented:

“With Revolution we’re always asked to evolve the brand and evolve the design each time with a new site. Revolucion de Cuba obviously needs to evoke the trademark Cuban setting – however within that there is a lot of scope, whether we choose a particular theme significant to one part of Cuba or a generalisation; there is a still lot of room for development.”

Retaining its characteristic casual theme, Revolucion de Cuba Leeds maintains an informal setting boasting a large floor space that allows all guests to dance wherever and whenever they please, rather than segregating spaces with a dance floor.

The venue is packed with fun opportunities offering the perfect destination for dancing, drinking and eating – as well as Cuban cocktail masterclasses – which allow guests to create their favourite Cuban classics and learn all about the history behind them whilst sipping on their very own creations. Salsa lessons are now also available with these cocktail masterclasses – an exciting introduction!

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

With Cuba famous for its Havana Club rum, Revolucion de Cuba houses an extensive range of high quality rum, aged to different degrees. Incorporating these fine rums, appetising cocktails are available such as the Spanish classic Pina Colada, the exotic Chilli and Pineapple Mojito and the Daisy Cutter – made from Bacardi Carta Blanca rum with elderflower liqueur, vermouth, lime and mint.

Delicious dishes are available from the modern menu, with choices for one as well as sharing dishes and platters. Paella de Cuba, Havana Chicken salad and Cuba Libre pulled pork burrito are just some of the tasty themed dishes. The Pocco tapas trio and nachos del sol are ideal for friends or couples sharing smaller plates.

When Premier Hospitality asked what it meant to be involved with the new Revolucion de Cuba, Julian replied:

“It means everything – because we have worked with the client for a long time, the key thing for us it to ensure that we keep delivering a great product. It has been a part of my life for so long that it is impossible not to do so!

Revolucion de Cuba, Leeds

“The feedback so far has been very positive; it seems the club has been well-received. We are very pleased with the outcome of the venue, and very pleased to still be working with Revolution, and we wish them all the success for the future.”

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