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Wing Zone

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station
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Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

 Having launched on 5th November, Wing Zone unveiled its first restaurant in the UK, situated right by Finsbury Park station.

The innovative 32-cover restaurant is serving up chicken wings infused with a variety of flavours, in addition to classic burgers, fries and sides. The restaurant is fully licensed enabling customers to enjoy a tipple with their food.

The Wing Zone concept began in 1991 on the campus of the University of Florida, having been created by Matt Friedman and Adam Scott. Once the duo had perfected their secret sauces and techniques for cooking deliciously unrivalled wings, they developed a business delivering Buffalo Wings to their campus. The pair has since opened restaurants across the US and all over the world, with branches in Honduras, Singapore, Panama, and Russia to name a few.

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

The concept’s focal point is chicken wings infused with a choice of nine unique flavours. Each flavour has a unique name, and each can be added to the wings, burgers and fries to keep the palate tantalised. With up to 18 flavours in the US, the UK site will start with nine, which include Honey Q, Thai Chilli, Sweet Samurai, Nuclear Habanero, Buffalo Bliss, Garlic Parm, Hot Shot, Liquid Gold, and Mango fire.

RDA Limited (Restaurant Design Associates) developed the interior, designed to be stylish, yet accessible with dark wood tables and an attractive wall mural that illustrates Wingzone’s range of flavours. The project began on site in October and RDA Ltd started the interior design process in March.

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

Premier Hospitality caught up with Nick Bradley, of RDA Ltd, to discuss the project further. Nick commented:

“We managed to retain the existing porcelain floor tiles, which are an oak wood-plank effect and actually fit very well with the interior scheme and branding. Other than that, we specified all new furniture, wall finishes and provided a bespoke new service counter formed with acrylic solid surface tops and copper fascias.

“We took a lot of influence with the existing stores in the US and enjoyed fantastic support from the US design team in creating bespoke wall papers, graphics and signage.  It was imperative we stayed true to the already successful brand although we have tweaked certain finishes and colour-ways here and there to ensure the store fits with the UK and, in particular, the London demographic.

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

“The most recognisable element remained the logo and associated colour palettes which were rightly fixed to uphold the band standard. International marketing messages have also been retained within the interior such as “what’s your flavor?” and “flavorholic”.

Takeaways and deliveries will take up a large part of the business, with the strong knowledge that there are lots of hungry people who will adore the idea of fresh and tasty chicken wings at the click of a button or with one telephone call. Carefully selected packaging has been chosen to keep the wings fresh and crispy for longer.

As part of the launch, the company admirably decided to hand out 100 free meals, adding a touch of fun and competition to the opening. Utilising the benefits of social media and promotion, a special word was announced on Facebook, and the first 100 guests on Saturday 7 November who had liked Wing Zone’s Facebook page were given free meals.

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

Hospitality interior design company RDA Ltd offer turnkey solutions and have also worked on a number of other projects including Costa Coffee, Marks and Spencer, as well as another new high street food chain, Wrapchic.

Nick said:

“Prior to some of our most recent projects our installations have mostly been within universities and schools and hospitals etc.  High street branded outlets is a relatively new market place for us, and a developing one we hope; it is great to be able to walk down the high street and see what we have done.

Wing Zone, Finsbury Park station

“It is fantastic to be involved. We work with recognised brands such as Costa Coffee and M&S, but adhere to pre-determined design and build standards in these cases. So it’s been great being involved from the outset with Wing Zone, and we’re very proud be leading the design and development of the UK version of the brand.”

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