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Voisins unveils stunning fashion showcase


Following the completion of its revamped beauty department, Voisins, Jersey’s premiere department store, has opened the doors on the latest phase in its evolution – the modernisation of its womenswear department.

Playing on a hexagonal design motif the new premium fashion department, presents a contemporary canvas and dynamic space that can flex as the brand landscape evolves over time.

Created in collaboration with retail design consultancy, Umbrella, the emphasis is on inspiring exploration from flooring to ceiling:
A bespoke linear lighting feature draws shoppers up the curved staircase and into the department. From the ground floor, deconstructed hexagons lead shoppers up the stairs, becoming more complete in shape as you reach the lighting focal point created at the top of the stairs.

A combination of feature and directional lighting mixes function and form. The directional lighting works hard to create a good level of light for product display whilst the new ambient light mix with striking diagonal linear suspended fixtures drawing the customer through the department from brand to brand.

A bespoke metal framework has been specifically created/ commissioned to sit within the concept. This display offers merchandising opportunities allowing the brands to individually curate their products encouraging the brands to build a story around the display.

The use of graphics and signage within this framework allows Voisins own branding to blend effortlessly with the brands specific individuality granting personalisation to their area. These flexible screening elements help to create semi-enclosed areas that generate interest and intrigue.

Bolon flooring, sourced from Sweden reinforces the hexagonal concept through the department tying together all the design elements, adding subtlety and softness of tone and texture as you look across the floor through the weave in the material resulting in a striking 3D visual effect that unites the flexibility and practicality.


All is set against a backdrop of greys, whites, brushed aluminium and mirrored finishes to present a premium space that forms an exquisite backdrop for each brand environment.

“In today’s ultra-competitive retail sector, department stores must consistently reinvent themselves to remain relevant to loyal customers and inspire interest from our next generation of consumers,” said David Elliott, Business Development Director, Voisins.
He added:
“The new womenswear department does just that. It offers a modern shopping space that delivers a stunning showcase for our family of premium fashion brands and an exciting environment for shoppers.”

The revamped department will introduce new brands such as Michael Kors (coming early 2016) and Lauren by Ralph Lauren to an already exciting mix, which includes Jigsaw, Max Mara, Diesel, Hilfiger and Armani.

Premier Retail caught up with Adam Hewitt, Senior Designer at Umbrella Design, to ask about the refurbishments. Adam said:
“We started looking at the project in January 2015 and the developments began at the end of August this year. Everything was completed by mid-September and the store remained open during the project, however this particular floor was obviously closed off at the time.
“Umbrella Design is a retail design company that has been in operation for over 25 years, working mainly in the retail sector. We do a lot of work with cosmetics brands as well as fashion retailers and department stores.”

Brand new flooring has been introduced to the womenswear department, as well as a transformation of the ceilings, lighting, decoration and minor structural alterations. Swedish multi-toned grey tiles in a triangular shape feature across the floor – a product supplied by Bolon – adding a softness of tone and texture to the space with an interesting yet subtle pattern.

A sophisticated backdrop palette of whites, greys, brushed aluminium and mirrored finishes creates a premium vibe to the department, whilst also allowing for the purchasing items to star as the central focus of the space.

Adam commented:
“In terms of the design, firstly the main focus was to form a space which had a Voisins fashion identity, but within that are the branded concessions – so we wanted to produce something that wouldn’t conflict with the brand and that would also provide a unified identity recognisable for Voisins.
“We came up with a hexagonal motif floor plan, before separating the space with screen dividers that acted both as merchandise in the form of graphic panels and hanging bells, but also dividing the space to create a more interesting customer journey, leading to a more engaging shopping experience.”
A bespoke linear lighting feature is also in place to cleverly tempt shoppers up the attractive curved staircase to the department. Combined directional and feature lighting is positioned on the shopfloor to create optimum lighting for the products on display.

Adam summarised with:
“It was great because the client was very open to our ideas and we were able to be quite creative whilst still keeping within the brief and budget that we were given. We have created quite an individual but also fairly neutral backdrop for the various brands that have gone into the space, but also created a strong identity that acts as the background behind these brands. It was a very interesting project to work on.”

ddd design Ltd

ddd design Ltd is a UK based company with more than 24 years’ of lighting design experience. The company offers two main services, fee based consultancy, whereby the company provides a detailed breakdown of agreed works or design & supply services, which sees ddd design Ltd oversee the entire package from start to finish.

Whatever the size of the project, whether it’s a trendy underground bar in London or one of the world’s largest shopping malls in Asia, ddd design Ltd can provide a high quality and friendly service. Past clients include the likes of Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall, Adidas, CoCo Di Mama, Itsu, Juicy Couture and Joules amongst others.

Most recently, ddd design Ltd were involved in Voisins, working from the initial concept sketches to produce illumination levels, luminaire location plans and designs for the bespoke pendants that appear within the department store.


Sean Beaumont of ddd design Ltd, said:
“We produced manufacturing drawings for the pendants, which also detailed the illumination methods and ensured any ongoing maintenance was minimised. The manufacturing was in-house and was viewed by Umbrella during this last development stages.
“We regularly attended the site during the development to ensure that the delivery, and installation continued as planned. The final involvement was to ensure that the LED luminaries were correctly installed and that we achieved the required illumination levels.
“Voisins is a fantastic department store with a great heritage. All of the contractors involved in the project kept their sights aimed high and fully focused on achieving the overall aesthetic that the client desired.”

Sean added:
“At ddd design Ltd we have a great design team with attention to detail and the ability to produce designs for both regular lighting schemes and unusual bespoke product development. We pride ourselves in our speed and flexibility to work on the fine details within the fast moving retail sector. Every part of the company understands lighting and can gather its resources to help achieve our client’s expectations.”

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