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Oasis expands


For more than two decades, Oasis has been leading the way in ladies fashion, presenting a stunning collection of contemporary British clothing, all created by a unique group of in-house designers. The brand – famous for its prints – has a strong portfolio of stores, as well as a dedicated online presence and continues to present desirable new lines with each passing season.

Keen to keep Oasis at the forefront of the fashion sector, the brand recently undertook an extensive refit of its existing flagship stores, to ensure each retail unit can offer the best customer experience. In addition to the refit programme, Oasis also launched two exciting new stores – Oasis Stansted Airport and Oasis Tottenham Court Road – in order to offer something a little different from what has come before.

Speaking to Premier Retail, Chief Operating Officer, Hash Ladha, said:
“Oasis is a fun brand, which really celebrates brilliant British fashion. Over the last three years we have strived to maintain the core elements of the brand, whilst conducting a refit for all of our flagship stores, starting off in London and finishing in Dublin. As part of this refit programme, we also opened two brand new stores – one that could offer something new to our flagship stores and the other within a transport hub.”

Oasis Tottenham Court Road, the first of the two stores to open, made its grand entrance on 12th November 2015, boasting an extensive collection of clothing, alongside a dedicated hair and nails department – Pin and Polish – and a fantastic café/bar – Saucer and Spritz. Serving tea during the day and Prosecco during the evening, Saucer and Spritz is a new addition to the brand, and creates a real social buzz for the store.


Hash said:
“Something we are always looking to do with Oasis is look at new ways in which we can add to the existing value of the brand, reaching into other parts of the consumers’ life – where it feels natural. Essentially, what we wanted to do with this store was to create a social space that was not purely focused on clothing. We feel it is a lovely place for customers to meet, whether it’s for lunch, breakfast or simply a glass of fizz with friends.”

Hot on the heels of Oasis Tottenham Court Road, Oasis Stansted Airport opened its doors on the 13th November, with a showcase of the latest Oasis lines, including holiday clothing and swimwear. Working from a ‘House in the Sky’ design brief – a reworking of the brand’s existing ‘House of Oasis’ design concept – Oasis Stansted Airport includes a Cloud Nine-inspired fitting room, an interactive zone and a suitcase-style cash desk, as well as a few key hallmarks of the brand.

Discussing the decision to launch Oasis Stansted Airport, Hash said:
“We believe that transport hubs, both train stations and airports, are a really interesting proposition for our brand as they offer a new channel to operate in, with incredibly high footfalls.”

He added:
“Stansted really believed in what we were doing on the high street and felt that it was a good brand to add to their repertoire. We felt that trialling Stansted Airport was a good opportunity which we didn’t want to pass up.”
Since launching both stores, Oasis has received extremely positive feedback from customers, something which is very encouraging for Hash and the team at Oasis.

Saucer and Spritz d

Hash said:
“Tottenham Court Road is effectively an extension of our flagship store programme, but brings two new departments which we feel can become a key part of our strategy for new store openings. This is very important for us as we continue to move forward with the brand.
“With Stansted Airport, we are looking at a different way of retailing with this offering, so it is equally important for us to see how well this store develops. There are more transport hubs across the UK and oversees that we can look into, so this is another important step as we continue to grow.”
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