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Park Chinois

Park Chinois
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Park Chinois

Park Chinois

Situated at No. 17 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, the prestigious Park Chinois sits elegantly amongst its surroundings. Offering a change of scenery, the venue’s theme of ‘dinner and dance’ is reflected throughout the culture of the space.

The menu at Park Chinois has been in progress for years, and has been heavily influenced by London-based Restaurateur Alan Yau’s travels, geographical and culinary. The menu is Chinese, however rather than it being defined to a specific region, the collection of appealing dishes derives from an exploration and experimentation without any boundaries. The assortment of delicious meals is seasonal and made with quality ingredients only.

According to the Owner of the stunning restaurant, Alan Yau:
“Park Chinois started life as a conversation about the 1930’s; the era of the dinner and dance, Big Band sound, the Cotton Club, but an idea needs historical context and intellectual grounding to progress, it cannot be stuck in time or it risks becoming a parody. It needs to move forward not backward; never repeat, always evolve.
“Park Chinois occupies a niche, and offers a counter balance to the current club culture. It brings about a rebirth of the Dinner Dance aesthetic, a modern interpretation underpinned by old school values.
“Park Chinois is about being entertained and delighting people, with grace, charm and elegance.”

The vision for Park Chinois was inspired by the aesthetics of Chinoiserie – a blend of the romance of French elegance and the mystique of Orient. The venue features a fascinating eclectic palette of materials that emanates warmth about the space, as well as a stunning richness in colour and a sense of playfulness, while the varied seating layout creates an experience that enables guests to be comfortable in all situations.

Park Chinois have ensured that the ‘dinner and dance’ them has resonated throughout the entire venue and its culture. Music is a key factor within the set up of the space, providing romance and enchantment to the charming dining experience.

A Diva is supported by two house bands, ranging from Orchestra de Chinois, a strong quartet, to the 8 Clouds of Joy – an eight-piece band. Park Chinois will become a platform for great musicians and singers to showcase their talents; as well as being the perfect location for those who wish to be entertained with a show to remember.

Salon de Chine – one of the dining spaces within Park Chinois – features 108 covers, with a private dining room that seats up to eight. Club Chinois can accommodate for 116 guests with a private dining room that can seat ten.

Offering a range of dining options at various times, Salon de Chine opens for afternoon tea at 12pm until 4.30pm, and for dinner 6pm until 2am. Club Chinois is open for lunch 12pm until 3pm, weekend brunch takes place at 12pm until 4.30pm, and guests can sit down and enjoy dinner at 6pm until 2am.

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