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Bishop Gate Hotel

Bishop Gate Hotel
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Bishop Gate Hotel – A Derry landmark building restored

Bishop Gate Hotel

The new Bishop’s Gate Hotel has opened its doors. This 31 bed hotel adds significant luxury accommodation and services to the tourist and local offering in the city.

This hotel development is the latest project of the Inner City Buildings Preservation Trust (ICBPT), the historic buildings restoration arm of the Inner City Trust group.

The building (formerly Northern Counties) had fallen into significant disrepair before it and the complimentary buildings in London Street were purchased by the ICBPT. The ICBPT stepped in to buy these before they were a loss to the built heritage of the old walled city.

The contractor was Declan Conway, and the architect was Mullarkey Pedersen.

Karl Pederson, Architect, whose firm led the restoration work believes that the refurbishment of this building was very important, not only in terms of the physical recovery of the building but also the animation of the streetscape.

This development is a significant catalyst for the future development of this area and will have a long term beneficial effect in terms of confidence building and job creation on top of the immediate economic benefit it brings.

This investment by the Inner City Trust group financially supported by the Heritage Lottery and Department of Social Development quite literally helps to stimulate this part of the walled city and clearly shows what patient capital alongside strategic use of grant aid can achieve in bringing our historic and listed buildings back into productive use.

He said: “During the extensive work, which involved not only the restoration of the actual building but the sympathetic incorporation of London Street buildings into the new complex, meant a blend of skills which enabled the additional buildings to be brought in a way which maintained the historic streetscape.

“During the work, many locals called in to see how it was proceeding and to remember how it used to be in its glory days.

“There was a real excitement both locally and regionally in the restoration and I think those who remember the beauty of the building won’t be disappointed and the ICBPT should be congratulated on their efforts to not only save the building but to turn it to the advantage of our city’s efforts in pursuit of physical and economic regeneration.”

Karl Pederson finished by saying that the ICBPT investment alongside the enlightened approach to restoration, shown by HLF and DSD has combined to provide a regeneration dividend for the city.

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