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Luxe by Hugh Rice the Jewellers
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Luxe – Luxury unveiled in Beverley

Luxe by Hugh Rice the Jewellers

Adding a touch of luxury to East Yorkshire, Luxe by Hugh Rice is a new concept store in Beverley’s Saturday Market square, offering premium jewellery and watches. The store was unveiled in time for Christmas trading, having opened in December 2015.

Retail design consultants, Innovare Design, specialise in branded environments for the retail sector. With a wealth of experience, the company works collaboratively with retailers in the UK, Europe and internationally. Innovare Design carried out the interior design and branding for Luxe, working alongside the client.

Premier Retail caught up with Rebecca Sharman, Client Services Director at Innovare Design, and Lloyd Blakey, Creative Director and Founder of Innovare Design. According to Lloyd:

“The project began in spring 2015 and the shop at Beverley was a new acquisition by our client, a listed building over three floors in fact. They purchased the entire building – the retail space is on the ground floor; the first floor became administration, and second floor general storage. The size of space includes approximately 1500² ft. of retail space. ”

“As it was an historic building, we spent a fair bit of time in the early stages creating a structurally sound building, working with the listed buildings officer from the local planning authority.”

Rebecca said:

“It was a major build in addition to the store design – and the collaborative approach that we employ generally for projects, both with our clients but also with our partners and anybody involved in the process – was absolutely essential as part of our starting strategy, to try and get the local authority on board right at the beginning.”

Lloyd added:

“We weren’t allowed to change original elements, so what we ended up doing was creating a structurally supportive inner steel cage, because the first floor was so uneven. We built this cage and relaid a new level floor to the first floor, then we were able to hang the original ‘protected’ oak beams off the framework – in the end these timbers were more aesthetic then structural.”


“We worked very closely with the council and we carefully ensured that drastic changes weren’t made to the overall look and feel of the building, so all the beams went back in exactly the same location etc.”

Depicting the plush, premium brand that the new Luxe concept represents, certain materials were incorporated such as smoked mirror for the carcasses of the units, a powder coated metalwork to reflect the bronze finish, and glass display cabinets. Stylish oak flooring was fitted and the original beams were painted for a more contemporary look and feel.

Innovare developed an innovative panelling system for the walls in a heritage grey finish, to display a contemporary look but still respect the history of the building. Clean lines and neutral palettes keep the focus on the product – creating an environment within which the product can fit comfortably and showcase itself. Featured brands include Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Swarovski.

Lloyd commented:

“It’s a fantastic project to be involved with, I think from our side the collaboration with our client has been very productive in creating a unique environment for what is a new brand in itself. It has been very exciting for us and a very enjoyable process!”

Rebecca added:

“From a client service perspective we have worked with the client before – but they are still a relatively new client for us – so this is a really positive step in our working relationship. The client’s other Beverley store in Toll Gavel is now in progress. This one is for their Hugh Rice brand, and offers high end luxury jewellery and Swiss watches.

“The feedback at Luxe by Hugh Rice has been fantastic. It has gone down very well with their customers as well as the brands themselves; it seems that there could even be a strong demand from new brands to feature at the store.”


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