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Sally Bee

Sally Bee

Sally Bee opens new restaurant  

Sally Bee

Chef and best-selling author Sally Bee has joined forces with Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel to launch a healthy but indulgent restaurant.

Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel is a Grade II listed stately home retreat in Staffordshire. Already offering overnight accommodation, a first class spa and leisure facilities, wedding and conference space; the launch of this new restaurant forms part of a wider £2.5 million renovation strategy at the luxury resort.

The ‘guilt free’ restaurant aims to offer a delicious and decadent menu, packed with personality. Sally Bee has spent months designing the menu to ensure that every ingredient used offers direct health benefits.  Diners can choose from a range of exquisite meals safe in the knowledge that everything they order will be nutritionally balanced and amazingly flavoursome.

Sally’s story of survival and recovery from three heart attacks in a week at the age of 36 is nothing short of a miracle. The damage Sally’s body endured was so severe, her doctors told her it was irreparable – she was going to die. But something inside Sally wouldn’t let her give up and she managed to battle back from the brink of death.

Sally contributes much of her remarkable survival to her delicious and achievable healthy eating plan. Her philosophy is all about what you should eat rather than what you shouldn’t. As a nutritionist, food writer and heart health ambassador, Sally is already renowned within the industry for helping people to make positive and meaningful changes to their health without being boring or excessively restrictive.

Sally and the team at Hoar Cross Hall have created a mouth-watering, seasonal menu that is cooked on site daily, and is entirely free from refined sugar, additives and preservatives.

Sally commented: I have always stood by the philosophy that the key to life is balance. I have worked with Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel to develop a menu that is nutritionally balanced, wonderfully flavoursome, and uncompromisingly good, and I’m enormously excited to share it with everyone.”

The menu will include the likes of Mexican butterbean hash and spinach & eggs on toast for breakfast to all day options such as guinea fowl, pear, walnut, watercress salad with spiced low fat yoghurt dressing and smoked haddock and butternut squash risotto with a warm poached egg. There will also be a range of Sally Bee’s stretch pizzas including a Cajun prawn and sun dried tomato pizza and a salmon, apple and fennel and chicken, spring onion and basil pizza. There will also be a range of perfectly balanced puddings including baked lemon cheesecake with fruit compote and carrot cake with carrot sorbet and pumpkin seeds.

Sally Bee

The restaurant will also stock a large range of cold press juices and super-food smoothies, which will be made daily on site. Fruish©, will also be served and is exclusive to Sally Bee’s Nutrilicious. It is made on the spot using filtered sparkling water from a Zip Tap, flavoured with only completely natural ingredients; fruit and honey – and will help boost hydration, aid detox, is low in calories, high in flavour and natural nutrients.

Adrian Pearson, Group Managing Director, of Hoar Cross Hall said:  “At Hoar Cross Hall we aim to be at the forefront of healthy living.  Consumers are becoming more demanding when it comes to their food. We must question what exactly is in our food? What is its provenance? How was it prepared? What are the health benefits to me? This is leading to a welcome redefining of what can genuinely be called healthy and this is important. With Sally Bee at the helm we want to be at the forefront of this healthy eating revolution.”

Sally Bee’s Nutrilicious will have a warm and inviting homespun interior to match Sally’s passionate approach to healthy eating. Designers Hip Creative have created a beautiful and homely interior design with bespoke rustic furnishings which are complemented by stylish hand-wovenkilim armchairs and rustic tables made of repurposed wood. Touches like vintage pendant lighting and handmade encaustic patterned tiles all work together with a white washed herringbone timber flooring which runs throughout the space. Vibrant fabrics on soft furnishings combined with kilim and jute rugs infuse the space with colour, character and texture. The kitchen and bar, clad in reclaimed milled boards, have been designed to create theatre for guests, showcasing the preparation of the wonderful menus and channelling the delicious smells from the kitchen into the restaurant.

Jamie Strachan, Managing Director at HIP Creative, who designed the restaurant commented: “We wanted to create a really clam and welcoming vibe. The most important aspect of the design is how it makes you feel when you walk into the space. We have worked with nice materials with a soft edge.

“We have really enjoyed the project from start to finish. It’s our first restaurant so we are really thrilled to be able to show off what we can do and we hope that we can do more of these for Sally in future.”

Dawnvale was the main contractor on the project.

Neil Guest, Managing Director for Dawnvale said:

“The Nutralicious ‘guilt-free dining’ concept is a fresh and unique approach – so Dawnvale’s aim was to ensure that the furniture and bar design reflect this to help complement the overall experience. It’s been a great pleasure to work with Sally Bee and her team and we’re confident that Hoar Cross Hall guests will welcome this fantastic addition to an already impressive hotel.”


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