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Woodland Spa

Woodland Spa

Woodland Spa – The world is not enough!

Woodland Spa

Winning a global award for outstanding facilities last year was just not enough for Crow Wood Leisure’s Woodland Spa in Burnley – and to prove it the venue has just completed further enhancements in the shape of two stunning new extensions, adding yet more stylish indoor/outdoor leisure space.

Crow Wood is set within 100 acres of the most magnificent Lancashire countryside with its undulating rolling landscape, woodland and lush pasture, dominated by the impressive Pendle Hill – famous for its tales of Lancashire witches, sorcery and black magic in the 17th-century.

The extension project was undertaken by main contractor Gary McGuigan, who has been carrying out projects at the venue for the past 14 years. The concept design for the scheme was created by McClusky and Andy Parker, with the detailed design being undertaken by the directors of Crow Wood Leisure.

Olivier Foucre, director at Crow Wood Leisure said: “The Woodland Spa has now been open for three years and last year won the Global Spa of The Year Award. As we are well known for our outdoor facilities, we decided to make these even better by adding the new extensions in line with our policy of continuing expansion and improvement.

“In addition, we have Bertram’s – our restaurant – which has stunning outdoor views, but obviously these are not visible at night as the area is in pitch darkness, so we decided we needed to create additional attractively illuminated external features for diners to look at – and the new extensions also fulfil this role”

“We are very pleased with the new extensions – I think they are a fantastic addition to the facilities here. It gives a very positive boost to the staff team – and the customers are loving it too.”

Woodland Spa

Located adjacent to one another and together forming an ‘L’ shape, both extensions are spacious and fully glazed to take advantage of the stunning views of Green Belt countryside surrounding Lancashire’s Pendle Hill. The extensions also have retractable roofs to maximise enjoyment of sunshine and fine weather, and to provide shelter on colder days, whilst still giving the impression of being outdoors. Both have been designed to blend perfectly with the existing architecture.

One of the extensions includes two large steel raised hot tubs with infinity edges, that can comfortably accommodate 20 people. The remainder of the space is occupied by upholstered luxury sun loungers. The glazed walls of the extension have been treated with a special frosted vinyl which allows people inside to see out, but prevents those outside from seeing in, providing privacy for occupants.

The other extension incorporates a terrace bar where people can enjoy drinks including cocktails, smoothies, teas and coffees in an impressive space which can easily accommodate around 100. The bespoke bar itself is an ultra-stylish creation in glass with a granite top. The back bar features a huge colourfully backlit display of bottles with further illuminated displays located around the bar area (including wines, spirits and around 100 bottles of champagne). Another feature is a media section advertising all the facilities and offers available at the Crow Wood venue.

With a stylish colour palette of black, beige and grey, the bar area also includes a selection of elegant high quality outdoor wicker chairs, sofas and tables, as well as high tables and chairs, all of which can be re-arranged according to the requirements of particular events.

Another new feature adjacent to the new extensions and accessible from both is a glazed fire pit.

“The project has gone well and the builders have done a good job,” said Olivier Foucre.

In addition to winning the global award, Woodland spa also won the Leisure & Tourism Business Of The Year 2015, Best Luxury Emerging Spa 2015 and best spa in the North 2014/2015 titles.

Neil Guest, Managing Director for Dawnvale said:

“It’s always a pleasure working with The Woodland Spa. It’s not every day you have the opportunity to design and install an external bar next to a fire pit and Jacuzzi area. The finished bar and illuminated champagne wall have now become a real centrepiece that can be enjoyed all year round.”









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