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Paultons Park

Paultons Park – Enter the Lost Kingdom

Paultons Park

After months of anticipation, Paultons Park’s new £9m attraction Lost Kingdom has opened its gates transporting families back millions of years to when dinosaurs roamed the world.

The attraction is set within four acres of Jurassic landscape, inspired by the era of fierce velociraptors, flying pterodactyls, giant triceratops and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Ideal for adventurous families, the new theme park land launches a whole host of dinosaur attractions, including two world-class family rollercoasters: Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor. It is the first time since 1992 that a UK theme park has launched two new rollercoasters in the same year.

Lost Kingdom introduces Jurassic-themed family rides Boulder-Dash, Temple Heights and Dino-Chase; a dinosaur adventure play park, Little Explorers, and The Dinosaur Tour Co – a 4×4 Jurassic Jeep expedition, where children and parents can discover dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes along with a few surprises!

Alive – Dinosaur Encounter will be a truly unique attraction where families will come face-to-face with the Park’s very own captive T-Rex. Guest can also enjoy two new places to eat at the park, Base Camp and The Nest, and an exciting themed shop, Outpost 12.

Richard Mancey, managing director of Paultons Park, said:

“Lost Kingdom is very special. It is a truly unique experience where families can be thrown back millions of years to see, hear and feel a prehistoric world.

“Children and adults of all ages are fascinated by dinosaurs and I think the amazing world we’ve created here at Paultons Park and the rides within it will thrill both children and adults alike.”

Paultons Park, which is based in the New Forest, Hampshire, is also home to the renowned Peppa Pig World, which the park opened in 2011.

For further information on Paultons Park, including a calendar of opening times and to book tickets please visit: www.paultonspark.co.uk.

Paultons Park

Exploring the Lost Kingdom

Flight of the Pterosaur: The first of its type in the UK, soar high into the skies upon on The Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty and unique 395m suspended dinosaur family roller coaster, which takes family adventurers swooping high and low around the prehistoric landscape with speeds of up to 55 km/h.

Velociraptor: Only the bravest explorers will take on Velociraptor. Board this breath-taking 200m boomerang family roller coaster and sense the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as it drops from 20m in the air and sweeps around tight bends with speeds of up to 40mph.

Dino Chase: A prehistoric junior roller coaster, perfect for young adventurers who just love dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Tour Co: Sign up at the Dinosaur Tour Co. for a 4×4 Jurassic jeep expedition and come face to face with some of the largest and most fearsome dinosaurs to have walked the planet.

Boulder Dash: Choose between riding in a huge dinosaur egg or a giant stone on the swirling Boulder-Dash ride.

Temple Heights: Younger explorers can enjoy iconic views across Lost Kingdom on the Temple Heights ride as it swoops and rises from land to sky.

Little Explorers: A colourful dinosaur-themed outdoor adventure play park area for young children, featuring climbing frames and a fossil finders sandpit.

ALIVE – Dinosaur Encounter: Everyday there will be an incredible opportunity to meet the park’s tame(ish) walking dinosaur at ALIVE – Dinosaur Encounter.

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