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New restaurant SMAKA in Aldgate East, London promises to serve food made from the freshest ingredients each day; offering delicious and healthy food with a Scandinavian twist.

Open early each day for hearty breakfasts and fresh healthy lunches, SMAKA is the first restaurant to be opened in London following a successful pop-up restaurant of the same concept. The brainchild of owner Dennie Apt, SMAKA launched in October 2015.

Brendan Mullard, Architect and Company Director at Object Space Place who worked on the SMAKA concept commented: “Once the restaurant opened, Dennie was pleased and happy with the design and it seems to be working well on a practical level. We have visited a few times to see how it has all gone and it is seems to be working well.”
The restaurant has been designed to reflect the provenance of the ingredients used in the dishes on offer and brings a hint of Sweden and Scandinavia to London.

Brendan added: “When you come into the restaurant through the doors on the left hand side, you get a view right down the restaurant and the entire back wall is covered with a large forest photo which helps to give an atmosphere of authentic Sweden or Scandinavia. Dennie was trying to reflect the provenance of the ingredients and really wanted to emphasize the natural quality and make that part of the space and to do that with a photograph is a really good way of doing it.”

Staying close to the concept the restaurant offers outdoor seating under birch trees.

The restaurant has a large glass shop style front, offering great views to diners, as well as offering good visibility throughout.

“The restaurant is located on the ground floor with a big shop front that wraps around it. It has a big glass front, which is great because you have good visibility going in, especially at night when the lights are going in, but it does set up limitations as to where you can set up things but it does offer good visibility,” said Brendan.

The brands identity can also been seen throughout the restaurant, with the restaurants logo, a moose head, seen on many fixtures and fittings throughout.
Brendan added: “The branding Dennie had with the moose head was really strong and gave a really nice character. We wanted to take that character and run it through the space so a lot of the things that you get with the Scandinavian theme is that it is very stripped back, with natural material and natural wood and we wanted to do that but also inject character and the moose head was a really good way of doing that.”


Dishes on offer at SMAKA include simple and healthy breakfasts from freshly made porridge or muesli to eggs of choice, fresh fruit and freshly made pastries. For lunch, diners can chose from a selection of fresh salads, Swedish-inspired sandwiches and soup or a hot dish with the brunch menu offering eggs, Swedish waffles and freshly made pastries. Thursday evening’s drinks and canapés are also on offer. The restaurant also offers authentic Swedish drinks from Löfbergs coffee, Swedish beer, cider and spirits, to a range of loose leaf teas and fruit and vegetable juices.

Upon completion of the project, Brendan says he was pleased to have been involved and described it as a “superb project.”

He said: “It was superb and was the type of project that I enjoy working on the most. One were you can work with someone who is starting off themselves and you can be involved and that’s exciting. We do a variety of stuff and sometimes clients have an existing language that they apply to different sites but it is great to be involved from the start, especially with someone like Dennie who has his own ideas but is open to suggestions as well. A restaurant like that is a good chance to really get involved and shape the entire space.”






Technical Procurement Int


Specialising in project management and refurbishments throughout the leisure and hospitality industry, Technical Procurement have been in operation for six years – although the team have worked together for over 25 years.

Technical Procurement Int has worked on numerous hotel and restaurant projects throughout the UK and Europe, delivering a high quality, reliable service every time. Currently, Technical Procurement is completing the corporate UK HQ for Lycatel Mobile, together with projects in London, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. Technical Procurement Int has also recently handed over the new concourse and hospitality suites for Leicester Tigers new stand.

Regarding involvements with the SMAKA restaurant, the company acted as main contractor for the refurbishment.

Premier Hospitality caught up with Tony Pinkstone of Technical Procurement, to find out some information on the SMAKA renovation. Tony commented:

“This is a new build project which will be at the heart of the surrounding residential developments covering a unique style of Scandinavian food.”

When asked what they pride themselves on as a company, Tony replied:

“We pride ourselves in cutting through unnecessary bureaucracy and delivering all projects to programme and budget with a high quality and efficiency that is second to none.”

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