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Warwick Street Social

Warwick Street Social

Warwick Street Social

Warwick Street Social

Warwick Street Social in Norwich is set to become the social hub of Norwich’s Golden Triangle, serving modern inventive dishes and on-point drinks. Described as an ‘urban meeting place for breakfast, casual daytime dining, dinnertime get-togethers and much more,’ the venue is the creation of owners Greg Adjemian and Daniel Smith.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality magazine, Greg said: “There is an emerging market called the urban dining market and fundamentally it is an experience where people focus on eating, drinking and socialising. Warwick Street Social will try and connect the local community, environment, surroundings and people all in one place were people can get together, gather, hang out and have a good time.”

Warwick Street Social has commissioned Chef Daniel Smith to contribute classic dishes with a modern twist, taking a seasonal approach. The venue will use fruit and veg grown in their own farm as well as baking traditional bread and making ice cream from scratch on site. By day Warwick Street Social is a low key spot ideal for an afternoon stop and chat, a little tipple and maybe a social bite. After dark, things get warmer as dining guests and neighbourhood friends swarm in to soak up the scene deep into the night.

Greg added: “The installation is very much a result of the changes and behaviours in society and obviously in the pub sector, which is evolving. We are into a new generation and the customers we are looking to target have different values and want different experiences so independence, locality and organic is very important to us. When we plug in the expertise of Daniel Smith, we are trying to add value and make a difference.”

The design of Warwick Street Social has been split into zones to provide the customers with their own personal and different experiences. Interior Designer Kathryn Mazure-Hudson worked on the design of Warwick Street Social.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, she said: “Greg and Daniel wanted to create an urban meeting place and wanted the feel to be very social and be the hub of the area. It is quite a big student area with a collection of different demographics so they really wanted to create different zones were the client and the customers can have different experiences. Essentially that is what we tried to create and achieve and is hopefully what we have done.”

The building is split over two zones with zones including high levelled seating for dining and another having more of a snug feel for those who prefer soft seating. The building houses two bars and also has a sharing table environment.

Kathryn said: “It is crucial to any space to get the perfect layout and planning option for the space so what was really important for me was to create something that was organic in its approach and was engaging and easily approachable for people, but was also somewhere that would remain true to the original content of the space. It has really beautiful features and that was something I wanted to maintain. In the plan we tried to come up with something that could be fused so you could sit at the bar and have a cocktail or just sit inside and it not be one of those spaces  were you would feel alone.”

A terrace is also on site and is described as “the best kept secret in the Golden Triangle.”

Greg commented: “The terrace is operational for 4-5 months of the year. There is capacity for 120 seats but you wouldn’t know that it is there unless you walk through the building. We wanted the design of the building to be aspirational but very approachable so it is very slick, modern and stylish but also very approachable.”

Warwick Street Social opened to the public at the end of May 2016.

Kathryn said: “It was an absolutely fantastic project to get my teeth into. I work on both residential and commercial so this was a fantastic project. It is obviously an area that is going to be more up and coming, as opposed to somewhere like London where the majority of my work is, so it was nice to have that new area to work on. It has been great working with Greg and Daniel, so it has been a pleasure.”

Greg concluded: “The company we own is G&D Ventures and we have ambitious plans and a vision to create multiple scalable brands that have a clear identity and clear concept. One of our strategic aims is to be an employer of choice and to inspire our people and help them develop a sustainable like of hospitality. Six years into our journey, we currently have one brand, which is Restaurant Rooms, and we have two sites that fit that brand. Warwick Street Social is now our second brand so it is really important for the direction we are looking to take the business. We are very excited at building a team who will make Warwick Street Social a success but that can also expand it out.”

Warwick Street Social

Coday Engineering

Coday Engineering specialise in sheet metalwork, general fabrication and precision machining. The company is a very experienced engineering firm, whose scope of work is incredibly diverse, from simple brackets, gates and railings to incredible masterpieces in exotic materials, such as bespoke custom fitments, sculptures, staircases and other architectural pieces.

With over forty years’ experience, Coday Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to deliver on time and to budget. Coday Engineering offer design and consultation services, but are happy to work on projects at any stage of the design and manufacture process. The company’s team of time-served, highly skilled craftsmen deliver to the highest standards, working to the maxim: ‘making metal work’.

Coday Engineering work within the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors – if it is made of metal, then they have probably worked on it or something similar. Most recently the company has been involved with Warwick Street Social.

Sam Rossage of Coday Engineering, said:

“Our brief from Warwick Street Social was to design and manufacture two curved bar tops. As the project evolved it expanded to include the fabrication of three bar tops and associated fitments. The bar tops look seamless, but are the result of careful fabrications that have been meticulously put together and finished to a high standard.

“Warwick Street Social was an exciting project to be involved in, providing the opportunity to collaborate with a modern, forward-thinking brand.”

Sam added:

“As a company we pride ourselves on a few core values, comprising of integrity, hard work and trust. This blends into a combination that ensures our customers return time and time again.”

Warwick Street Social

Figielpainting Ltd

Figielpainting Ltd specialise in high quality, high end works, throughout the commercial, domestic, hospitality and historical sectors of the decorating industry. The company is extremely capable in all aspects of the trade, but especially in the refurbishment and renovation of existing properties.

Figielpainting Ltd has been in operation six years and within this time has carried out a range of decorating works, including refurbishments at the historic Maids Head Hotel and Samson and Hercules buildings in the centre of Norwich. In addition, the company has carried out work for the Somerleyton Estate in Suffolk, incorporating not only the Grade II listed Tudor mansion, but their housing portfolio and commercial establishments, The Dukes Head, The Fritton Arms and The Fritton Lake Retreats.

John Figiel of Figielpainting Ltd, said:

“We have also been involved in a number of landmark projects, such as the recent redecoration of the West Chapel at Ipswich Crematorium, as well as working with major brands such as Mercedes Benz and Hughes Electrical.”

Most recently, Figielpainting Ltd has been involved with Warwick Street Social, where the company carried out all the internal and external redecoration works. Figielpainting Ltd has worked with Warwick Street Social Co-Owner, Greg Adjemian on his previous establishments, the Wildebeest and the Swan, so the company is used to working to the high standards Greg constantly strives for.

John commented:

“We are impressed with Greg’s vision for this as well as his plans for the future, so we were keen to be involved in this and his future plans.”

John added:

“At Figielpainting Ltd, we have a passion for quality and everything we do, is driven by that passion.”




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