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Waddington Studios

Waddington Studios
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Waddington Studios

Waddington Studios

Waddington Studios is a purpose built, 190 square metre photographic hire studio designed by RIBA award-winning architects Featherstone Young. Located in London, this contemporary shoot space boasts many high level specifications such as an uninterrupted 5.5m ceiling height, three phase electricity and a bespoke sound system throughout.

With a wide choice of various shooting areas, Waddington Studios is perfect for a whole range of shoots from interior set to fashion, beauty, portraiture, still life, lifestyle and small scale film shoots, making it an extremely versatile shooting location.

A mixed use scheme, the building actually encompasses mostly photography studios, however with the addition of an artist’s studio and a new courtyard house for the pair that manage the studios.

Featherstone Young is a fairly small sized architectural practice based in London, having completed a range of developments for many diverse clients. A lot of their projects take place on private houses, and an equally large part of their work involves art projects.

Jeremy Young, Director at Featherstone Young commented:

“The project was first commissioned in 2009 – then we had to acquire planning permission etc. so we actually began onsite in 2012. The developments took place over a year and a half before it opened to the public.

“The leading areas within the building include a series of photography studio spaces and the main studio which is a natural daylight studio as well as having a full black out facility, in the form of quite a large double-height space. A neutral box studio allows for people to individually customise the space and integrate whatever backdrop they wish, creating their own personalised experience.”

Waddington Studios

Fascinatingly, Waddington Studios was shortlisted earlier this year for the RICS Awards 2016 in the commercial category. Regarding the nomination, Jeremy commented:

“It is nice to be recognised for the work we have carried out. We have also previously won an award for a house that we built in Wales, known as Ty Hedfan – that one was a few years ago.

“Recently we have been involved with an art gallery for Wrexham, and we carry out a lot of community projects for charity organisations and small organisations. A lot of the projects we carry out come with very challenging budgets!”

One studio known as ‘The Lifestyle Studio’ features different pieces of furniture that photographers can use to create their ideal environment. A mezzanine level also acts as a key feature that can be used by photographers in a whole host of shots.

There is an additional space which was intended to take the shape of another studio but is currently being used as an office for the people who run the building. Another double-height space is laid out over two open levels in the basement – known as the artist’s studio – and this is another natural daylight studio.

Situated on a little alleyway, all of the building’s functions are at the front of the site. At the back of the site is a landlocked space, with the courtyard house surrounded by the studios and houses.

Jeremy added:

“A key part of the design was this spiralling roof, which gave the other buildings something to look onto but also allowed light into the house. We basically filled the site which was difficult to do previously with space and planning permission etc.

“It was an excellent project to get involved with because it was for a friend of ours, and it was especially nice working with the artist because she had input with the design, and we bounced ideas off each other. It was quite a challenge to get it all functioning, whilst also making sure it was attractive.

“A lot of the façade of the building displays patterns which is a result of working with the artist, so that was an enjoyable collaborative experience. It was a very interesting brief, as there was an unusual combination of different uses – with the house, the studios, The Lifestyle Studio and the offices.”



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