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Red’s True

Red’s True
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Red’s True  – A True taste of Texas

Red’s True

Popular restaurant chain Red’s True Barbecue has branched out in a lively student area in Sheffield, bringing a true taste of Texas BBQ.

Premier Construction caught up with Jordan Littler, Managing Director at Jordan Littler Interior Design, who commented:

“I worked on Red’s True Barbecue Manchester, so I had experience with the design for Red’s. The Sheffield project started onsite February and took place over eight weeks.

“Red’s big, flagship sites are Manchester, Nottingham, Shoreditch, and they share a very similar style; whereas this is a smaller venue split over two floors. The site was previously Café Rouge.

“There are around 120 covers spread over the two floors; it was an experiment in terms of taking the Red’s concept and bringing it into a smaller site, giving it a personal, neighbourhood type of feel; to do this we tried to give it more of a connection to the area it was in. There are always certain elements that continue through Red’s brand design; however the good thing with this project is the clients that we work with are very open to new ideas.

“When we first went to the site, my feeling from it was that it felt like a house due to the layout of the building, with the staircase going to the first floor and it’s sense of cosiness. I communicated this idea to the clients; which then sparked the inspiration for a ‘house party’ from their annual Pilgrimage trips to the southern states of America and in particular an area called Rainey Street. Therefore the house party concept and what they had seen in Texas led to the design of the venue.”

Each year the Red’s True team take off in an RV and take a road trip Pilgrimage across the southern states of America, exploring the sites, tasting the food and discovering new ideas born from the experience. This is all part of Red’s authentic attitude toward their food.

Red’s True

According to Jordan:

“When Red’s carry out their main opening they do so with a special free BBQ event – they have a great social media presence so they were promoting their new venue and its offerings through various social media sites.

“The feedback from the opening event was very good; they also have a lot of food bloggers that have given positive feedback after experiencing what is on offer.”

Deliciously divine Barbecue Trays feature on the menu at Sheffield, such as Red’s pulled pork and slaw, beef long rib and sticky chicken and the new Pitmaster tray – which includes St. Louis ribs, USDA approved Black Angus brisket, Red’s pulled pork and smoked sausage. A whole host of burgers and sandwiches are also available including The Juicy Lucifer, classic bacon cheeseburger and Brisket Philly Cheesesteak.

Jordan added:

“Planning is always a challenge on any project, especially in this case as it close to a residential area. Also, because it was a short turnaround, making sure we could get materials and finishes complete in time was challenging – so we had to work quickly and closely with the contractor to ensure issues didn’t arise. Luckily Shone Building Ltd – the main contractor – was so helpful in that respect; they supplied the timber floors for both rooms, and they supplied the tiles – which was very helpful as we were let down several times with the tiles before that!

“I feel incredibly lucky to work with a flourishing company such as Red’s, on such large scale projects. Working with people that have a real passion for what they do, and being able to spend time discussing ideas and trying to develop something different, is fantastic.”





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