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Fairmont St Andrews

 St Andrews

The five-star Fairmont St Andrews resort has been undergoing extensive refurbishment. The highly anticipated renovation will feature a complete redesign of the Atrium, a new restaurant and refurbishment of the Kittock’s Den bar.

Designed by RPW Design, work started on the refurbishment in January 2016 and is set to be fully complete by mid-2017.

RPW Design has also extended their signature touch to the hotel’s suites, bedrooms and bathrooms, showcasing the deep rooted connection between the history of St Andrews and the exterior landscape, seamlessly relating the interiors to the surroundings through the use of materials and local manufacturers.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality magazine, Heather McLellan, Senior Designer at RPW Design commented: “The concept for the whole hotel was to link it back to its locality and its landscapes, something we noticed on our initial visit to the property. This led us to a clear design direction; to help engage guests with the landscape and with what the 520 acres hotel property overlooking the North Sea has to offer.  In order to reflect this in our design we selected natural materials and earthy tones which spoke to St Andrews natural landscape.”

In the Reception Lobby a pair of contemporary velvet wall hangings, inspired by the varying landscape of St Andrews in a painterly manner has been developed and printed by Timorous Beasties. These have been installed in the double heightened reception space to give a sense of locality and authenticity as soon as guests enter the hotel. The introduction of warmer finishes such as timber flooring and textured fabrics and wallpapers have also helped to give the hotel a warmer sense of arrival.

In The Atrium, George Singer’s artwork ‘Zephyr’ which was designed in co-ordination with RPW is an organic, swirling ceiling sculpture imitating the movement of water in the North Sea. The sculpture, which sweeps through the space, creates a focal point in the room and encourages an intimate atmosphere in the voluminous and dramatic space.

St Andrews

Heather McLellan furthermore added: “In the Atrium we have gone for a 2 tone dark, rich green colour on the walls and have introduced a mix of timber and carpeted floor to add warmth to the space and break up the large planes of this 55m long area. We introduced more decorative lighting to bring the lighting down to hum scale.”

In the bar a carpet design based on the markings found in the nearby River Tay estuary, along with materials such as timber, copper and rope strengthen the connection between the interior design and history of St Andrews and its surrounding old fishing villages.

Heather McLellan concluded: “It has been really exciting to work on this, in some ways, a challenging refurbishment. It is such a beautiful area and it has been a privilege to travel up to St Andrews regularly to follow the development of the project closely. It is great to see the hotel having that link to its locality.”


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