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Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster was founded in 2011 with the idea of providing a pared back menu offering the highest quality ingredients at one price point; within a high energy, thoughtfully designed environment.

The forward thinking idea was embraced by diners that loved the affordable luxury of a lobster paired with a burger, enjoying the irony of combining two opposite ingredients and making them equal.

Following the success of their previous sites, the company has recently finished three new locations – Leicester Square, West India Quay and Holborn. West India Quay opened in June, Leicester Square opened in early July, with Holborn set to open at the end of July.

Premier Hospitality magazine spoke to Andrew Harwood, Projects Director at DesignLSM, the innovative interior design company that has worked with Burger & Lobster since their inception, about the latest ventures.

A key part of the Burger & Lobster’s expansion plans has been to choose interesting and unusual sites – West India Quay is a Grade I listed building situated on the water front, Leicester Square is located within the W Hotel and Holborn has set up home in a Grade II listed building.

The design of each restaurant pays homage to, and includes, the recognisable core brand elements, whilst playfully and skilfully adapting the environment to its own unique location – creating a new experience for the diners.

Andrew said: “As they are part of a group of restaurants you want to have that connection to one another, to build upon the brand but it is important to create some individuality for each restaurant. The open kitchen and the lobster tanks are the signature prominent features.

Burger & Lobster

“At West India Quay there is double height space that links the upstairs bar with the ground floor restaurant, it was important to create a visual connection between these two levels so we utilised the recognisable lobster cages and artfully lit them to create an arresting feature.

“In Holborn we commissioned large-scale Lobster drawings which are transcribed onto the walls. At Leicester Square there is a central spiral staircase and a double height void illuminated by a striking light feature. We have also included a lot of planting to bring in some fresh vibrancy.”

Exterior work was also undertaken at each of the sites. At West India Quay an outdoor bar and restaurant area has been incorporated including luscious planters, this can hold approximately 100 people.

Now that work has completed on the three new Burger & Lobster locations, Andrew says

“It has been a pleasure to work with Burger & Lobster and assist them with their ambitious growth – we have relished the opportunity of developing the brand and interiors as they have expanded, creating a truly recognisable personality and engaging environment. We look forward to continuing this exciting and enjoyable journey with our client.”

HCM Interiors have been involved with Burger & Lobster from the start. Commenting on the restaurant’s continued success, Jason Beedle, Managing Director of HCM Interiors, said:

“Having been part of the Burger & Lobster concept from the beginning it has been a wonderful experience working closely with the client and DesignLSM, developing the restaurants over the years.”

Jason added:

“I wish Burger & Lobster all the success in the future and to be part of the team taking this fantastic concept forward is great.”

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