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Gazelli House

Gazelli House

Gazelli House

Gazelli House

Situated in the affluent South Kensington, Gazelli House is the perfect space in which to learn, indulge and be empowered in an innovative atmosphere that places a focus on healing and health.

Divided into three floors, Gazelli House offers a whole host of performance-led treatments for customers to experience and unwind whilst doing so. Customers are encouraged to relax and restore whilst the therapist works their magic.

Whether it’s enjoying a treatment, discovering new therapies, indulging at an informal supper club, listening to inspiring guest speakers at evening events, or book swaps and poetry readings – Gazelli House is a calm and rejuvenating home for all.

Martin Stribbling, Managing Director at design and architectural company Fabricari, told Premier Retail:

“We began onsite in June 2015 and it was complete towards the end of November. The feedback has been positive as I’m aware and people seem to be delighted with the interiors that we delivered.”

A sky parlour located at the top of the houses offers a relaxation area for customers to experience. Situated on the ground floor is a sales unit with a unique suspended brass staircase which leads up to the sky parlour and also down to the treatment rooms. The attractive external garden adds to the allure of the venue.

Moving down to the differently-sized treatment rooms, they feature treatment tables and showers elaborately decorated in Spanish hand-painted tiles.

Martin commented:

“The whole house is controlled by Wi-Fi so there are individual I-Pads in all areas to control the music, heating, cooling and different lighting settings. The actual walls themselves are also heated which is a great idea for drying towels.

“Polished plaster is used on the ground floor with Bohemian reclaimed parquet inlayed floor, with brass framing and wardrobes with screen printed fabrics for a contemporary touch. The shower rooms display beautiful hand painted floral motifs, in keeping with the mellow, calming ambience of the building.

“The eclectic use of materials creates an air of constant interest – and most importantly a relaxed and comfortable interior.”

Gazelli’s skincare experts have worked alongside leading psychologists and lifestyle specialists to develop their unique 3-stage Diagnostics Programme. An essential and integral part of the Gazelli journey, the Diagnostics are designed to ensure that each guest feels comfortable and encouraged to engage with the House on every level.

A series of targeted questions and sensory experiences help to establish each individual’s core values, character traits and overall health and well-being. Subsequently a 7-phase facial or body analysis takes place to closely examine the characteristics of the skin, before being used to inform the Prescriptive Treatment plan. Facial technologies include oxygen therapy, microdermabrasion and micro-needling.

Gazelli House

Martin added:

“It was a fairly short programme and there was a very large design team which included an interior design company based in Barcelona, and British architects, so there were over 50 different workmen in a relatively small space, with a very short construction time. This was a challenging aspect of the scheme.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Gazelli House. We are used to working with these types of projects but generally in the residential market – it’s also been a pleasure to work with the design team.”


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