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Castlebrae Police Treatment Centre

Castlebrae Police
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New facilities for Castlebrae Police Treatment Centre

Castlebrae Police

A major rebuild and development scheme has been underway at the Castlebrae Police Treatment Centre in Auchterarder. The £1.5m project has been in place to significantly improve the facilities in Scotland, and most importantly improve the levels of care, treatment and support that The Police Treatment Centrest pride themselves in delivering to all Police Patients that attend the facility.

Enhancements have included the redevelopment of the rehabilitation gym which has seen it double in size, the building of a new treatment pool – also approximately twice the size of the existing pool – and a new hydrotherapy pool, as well as a variety of other new additions to the centre.

Marshall Construction was the main contractor on the project, working alongside Competition Pool Solutions to deliver the developments on time and on budget.

Phil Gordon, Partner at Competition Pool Solutions, told Premier Construction:

“There was an existing swimming pool and gym, and the scope of works was to design a new leisure building which included a new large swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool, sauna/steamroom and new wet and dry changing facilities. This building was to link in with the existing building.

“We had to reconfigure the old swimming pool into a new sports hall, create a new spinning room, and we refurbished and expanded the existing gym together with ancillary areas, a new staff room and a new laundry room for the facility.”

A fairly extensive project, construction commenced on 4th May 2015 and concluded in June this year.

According to Phil:

“Luckily developments have run smoothly as we expected. The centre is a rehabilitation centre full of clients who are residents there; they visit during one week and leave the following week – we ensured the programme would work in such a way that didn’t take away all of their facilities throughout the period of the construction project.

“We tried to work on a certain area, hand over and then take back other areas for refurbishment. We had to demolish an existing workshop, to make way for the footprint for the new swimming pool.

“The centre now provides up-to-date facilities, larger spaces and a larger pool, in addition to a whole range of new facilities such as the sauna and steamroom which have been integrated for the staff and clients such as police officers that have been injured in their work.

“Since the upgrading the treatment centre is now comparable with their other treatment centre in Harrogate, which is fantastic.”

The rehabilitation gym area underwent a redevelopment which meant that the area was out of use; however the team at Competition Pool Solutions didn’t want to leave the clients without any facilities for exercising for a whole 50 weeks so they did their best in terms of enabling clients some space and use of the facilities during the works.

Castlebrae Police

Phil added:

“It’s been great working on the Castlebrae Police Treatment Centre, we like these projects as we specialise in design and build for leisure. We are really keen get involved if there is a large element of wet leisure in the project.

“This is a key project and a large project and something we wish to build upon and we hope to carry out more of this type of work in the future.

“In the UK market the procurement of large leisure centre swimming pools can be overcomplicated particularly in the public sector. Although we have had a number of opportunities within the public sector – this was a brilliant opportunity for business whilst adding value and pride to our company.”

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