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Grand Brighton

Grand Brighton
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The Grand Brighton – Splendour on Brighton Seafront

Grand Brighton

An iconic Victorian property, The Grand Brighton is steeped in history and stands in the heart of Brighton’s famous seafront.

Over the last year, an extensive refurbishment has taken place modernising the conference rooms, upgrading the GB1 restaurant, the main lounge, Victoria lounge and Victoria Terrace Tearooms, the ladies bathroom and a number of the suites and bedrooms. Certain aspects of the overhaul are still currently in place.

Park Grove Design were responsible for the design aspects of the refurbishment, delivering unique and memorable schemes for the hotel. Working across various sectors, the practice offers a whole range of services including concept development, procurement, installation, interior branding and much more.

Lori Pinkerton-Rolet, Director of Park Grove Design, told Premier Hospitality:

“We have carried out renovations to the accessibility rooms and the hotel has prioritised the needs of disabled guests. We have upgraded those rooms and suites to meet current compliance as well as being pleasing to the eye.

“Some of the guestrooms underwent a refreshment scheme and some of the rooms are still ongoing with a complete overhaul. It is a real effort on behalf of the hotel to ensure that this aspect of their business is delivered efficiently as it is an important part of their business.

“The conference rooms – known as George II and George III – are very versatile areas as they can be used for anything from conferences to private dining parties. The George III room displays a mural on the end wall, portraying Brighton seafront at the time of George III and yet all of the fittings are contemporary – however the mix does work!”

Eclectic and interesting, the design of the space refers to the unique location and history of the hotel, however in a very contemporary way. This is certainly an innovative take on the design, making the hotel a fascinating place to discover the hotel’s heritage and explore the space.

Lori said:

“Our consistent approach is that we believe that with all our work, the design needs to be unique to that particular property. The Grand has an enormous history and so we had a fantastic foundation to work with.”

Stunning Victorian architecture is a core part of the building, for example the ladies bathroom which presents a bespoke glass screen as guests walk in, displaying ovals and a dichroic film that produces pretty colours. Blue and white marble counters make reference to the sea, whereas the oval motif derives from the architecture of the building.

Entering the Grand Hotel guests can see more ovals in the ironwork above them, in the canopy over the entrance door, again linking the architectural elements of the hotel.

Having been updated, the restaurant has also seen an upgrade to the menu. An entire bread station with its very own bread chef at the hotel is in place, placing a focus on fresh, delicious breads in all different forms. The seating has been altered to offer diners plush yet comfortable chairs to ensure their dining experience is a relaxed one.

Various changes have also been made behind the scenes, such as with the sound system for example, so despite guests not actually seeing these improvements, the hotel experience is still enhanced.

Lori added:

“The main lounge and Victoria Terrace and lounge have definitely seen the biggest changes – they are very grand!

“Contemporary furniture has been integrated however with a Victorian colour palette. It’s what I hope is a subtle blend; however it is still a very bold, distinctive design. The guests seem to be enjoying the space which is great.

“To be involved with a hotel as iconic as The Grand is quite an honour for us. The team at the hotel are very collaborative people to work with and so it has been a real pleasure and a great opportunity to develop very unique designs.”

Grand Brighton

J Davies Building Limited

J Davies Building Limited is a company that has put excellence as the core value of its work practices. The company understands that nothing less is acceptable and so for more than a quarter of a century they have provided high quality refurbishment solutions for their clients.

From inception, J Davies Building Limited has focused on the commercial sector of the building industry and as a consequence has developed lasting relationships with Local Authorities, NHS hospitals, schools, universities and international hotel chains; answering their needs for quality solutions to projects ranging from over a million pounds to just a few thousand pounds.

As a company with a track record for excellence J Davies Building Limited know that their clients need to be reassured that they apply a stringent level of health and safety to all their sites as well as an ever watchful eye on delivering on time and within budget.

The Grand Hotel, Brighton, is currently embarking on a refurbishment programme aimed at enhancing its splendid Victorian architecture and restating its position as Brighton’s premier hotel of quality and J Davies Building Limited are honoured and excited to be part of the refurbishment team along with Park Grove Designs.

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