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Chalet near Kitzbühel


Chalet near Kitzbühel


A newly built chalet situated in the Austrian Alps has received worldwide recognition after being nominated for an SBID International Design Award in the ‘Residential Design Under £1m’ category.

Designed by German architectural firm landau + kindelbacher the project, titled ‘Chalet near Kitzbühel’, combines a modern interior with traditional alpine features. Gerhard Landau, partner at the architectural practice, talked to Premier Hospitality about the project and some of the chalet’s main features:

“Central to the brief for the chalet was meeting the mountain appeal and making sure it felt like a real chalet. The task was to design all the wood pieces out of used wood. We then put in a very modern interior design.”

“There is lots of new upholstery. The bar is very modern while there is a stunning spa with a steam bath and sauna that looks like it is floating over the water. It is very special. The garage is not just a garage but can also be used as a party room. Everything was orientated to embrace guests as soon as they arrive.”

Gerhard added:

“It was very important for us to get the combination of modern furniture and modern light fittings with cosy wood and stone surfaces right.”

Taken as a whole, the chalet comprises two houses built over the garage, one guest house and one master house with a hallway running underneath to connect the two. The exterior of the build is very much in keeping with a traditional chalet. It took around a year to design and a further two years to construct.

Kitzbühel is a small medieval town and ski resort of international renown. While the stunning Alpine backdrop adds to the property, it also contributed to the builds biggest challenge. The large amount of snow that falls in the winter months meant there was an incredibly short build window with which the roof had to be fitted.

In total, landau + kindelbacher have three nominations at this year’s SBID International Design Awards. Each demonstrates the firms design versatility and ability to work closely with clients to achieve the desired outcome with Gerhard adding:

“We are very proud of the award nominations. We are looking forward to working on a more international basis and this is a nice step forward in that regard.”


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