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Apple Hotel

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The Apfelhotel Torgglerhof, also known as the Apple Hotel, is surrounded by magnificent orchards and apple trees that span four hectares. Located in Saltaus within the Passiria Valley, Northern Italy, the three-star hotel extends over multiple buildings that form the Apple Hotel.

The hotel, originally Torgglerhof farm, has rooms within the Apple Chalet’s 200 year-old barn, the main building, the old stables and the small holiday cottage near the edge of the forest. With 28 tastefully furnished rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities, guests can relax and enjoy themselves whilst making use of the swimming pool and sauna.

This year the agricultural farm and hotel revealed their new refurbishment which included a nine room extension to the hotel, refurbishment to the public spaces and a new outdoor sauna set in the garden. For the Network of Architecture (noa*), the key element and starting point for the plans was the lifecycle of the apple during the year: bloom, harvest, refinement and repose period.

The outside and the interior are connected with apple trees growing into the interior of the hotel. The hotel lobby area welcomes guests with spring colours, bright apple flowers on the walls and playful chairs. Creating a soft border between the reception and bar is a fire place, which is inspired from the traditional ‘Wiesenofen.’

The new restaurant has an enlarged buffet area as well as a renovated bar with a fireplace. It has full height glazed sliding doors and continues on to the outside terraces making the border between the inside and outside disappear. The zoning of the different areas of the restaurant is made with different pastel tones of green, rose and yellow.  Historic harvest tools inspire the lighting and an old workbench forms the buffet area.

The extension of the hotel created new suites in the old stable, where noa* kept the building’s outer structure. Exposed beams run throughout the building and loggias with glazed fronts are implements in the façade. The ground floor is a museum dedicated to the history of apple cultivation and the Torgglerhof which also features a shop.

The bedrooms are designed in a way that emulates nature as the windows are flush with the floor to capture as much natural light as possible and the colour schemes relies on a more natural palette of browns and greens with wooden furnishings. The rooms are a mix of standard and suites but are both designed in a way to create maximum space for guests staying at the hotel.

The new sauna area is dedicated to the repose period and dives into nature in the truest sense of the word with the outside having the look of a hill melting into the surrounding area. The sauna has changing rooms and showers on one floor as well as a comfortable rest area on the lower floor where guests can relax with views of the apple trees from a large window. The interior of the sauna is designed with earth-coloured concrete walls and wooden sauna benches highlighting the sloped form.

The refurbishment of the hotel has been so popular that it has been shortlisted in two categories in the European Hotel Design Awards 2016 – ‘Adaptive re-use’ and ‘Spa and Wellness’.


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