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Deadwood Smokehouse

Deadwood Smokehouse
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Deadwood Smokehouse

Deadwood Smokehouse

The best of American barbeque has arrived in Cheshire with the opening of Deadwood Smokehouse in the picturesque village of Nantwich.

Open in time for the busy Christmas period last year, Deadwood Smokehouse is a new taste for Nantwich offering sumptuous meats, delectable cocktails and a warm atmosphere. Located in a space previously occupied by a sports shop, the restaurant has a maximum of 54 covers across one floor.

Co-directors Luke Bevis and Aidan Donovan spoke to Premier Hospitality ahead of the launch to discuss Deadwood’s concept, design and unique selling point. Luke began:

“We wanted to create a modern, contemporary, urban style with vibrant colours and sharper edges but we also wanted to include some older design elements like exposed brick and distressed wood. There are elements of a natural recycled vibe. It’s all about having those elements of reality – the brick and the wood – but with some good colours to give it a modern funk.

“At the front on the outside of the restaurant, we have outdoor tables with our branding and barriers cordoning off the terrace. Once you enter you’re greeted by a host stand and in the large front window we have a breakfast bar with room for about four stools. It’s a great spot to have a light lunch and watch the world go by.

“There are also two top tables in the front area of the restaurant that can be divided if necessary. Down the right hand side of the space we’ve got four four-seater booths. They’re a really nice orange and finished with reclaimed wood.”

On the left hand side there is a long string of five tables of two and at the back there is a cocktail bar that is very much keeping with the style of the rest of the restaurant. Aidan added:

“I think the reclaimed wood is definitely one of the standout features. The restaurant as a whole stands out, not just in Nantwich but the wider area. There’s nothing really quite like this and is the type of restaurant you’d normally find in a city.

“We worked really hard on our logo to make it recognisable. We’ve gone heavy on the overall branding so the logo is everywhere!”

Open seven days a week, 12pm till 10pm, the mixture of classic American meat dishes and in house sauces has already proved a big hit with locals. The hope is to expand the concept across the North West.

Reflecting on the Deadwood Smokehouse brand Luke concluded:

“I think it will be a real game changer. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster from the start. We’re 100% behind Deadwood and the plan is to roll them out and make it as successful as possible.”

Aidan added:

“With regards Nantwich, I think there is a real demand for this type of restaurant and the local community are just as excited as we are. It will be a match made in heaven.”

Deadwood Smokehouse

Ecovery Innovations Limited

Ecovery Innovations Limited specialise in the manufacture and installation of specialist kitchen systems designed to reduce cooking odours, air born grease and Co2 emissions. The company has been in operation since 2012 and within this time has worked on a range of projects, including Bombay Central and The Lead Station, amongst others.

Recently, Ecovery Innovations Limited has been involved with Deadwood Smokehouse. Working on this project, Ecovery Innovations Limited supplied the site with a Controlled Ozone System to control their cooking odour and grease emissions in compliance within the terms of their planning permissions.

Eric Phillips, Ecovery Innovations Limited, said:

“The Odour and Grease Emissions Control is an essential requirement of the restaurant’s planning provisions and we regularly assist clients to obtain their permissions by interfacing with Environmental Officers. Our KERS System greatly reduces utility bills whilst reducing Co2 Emissions.”

Eric added:

“At Ecovery Innovations Limited we manufacture our products in England and we are proud of the equipment we have developed. We have listened to the industry’s requirements and have developed solutions to meet their needs accordingly.”





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