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Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery

Nordic Bakery

Scandinavian style premium coffee shop chain Nordic Bakery continues to expand its operation, with four sites now dotted across London.

The latest store opened at Seven Dials, Covent Garden in December last year and has already proved a huge hit with existing and new customers. Housed in a stunning 1806 Flemish style building at the north end of Neal Street, the store is perfectly placed to take advantage of three key customer demographics – workers in the area, local residents and tourists.

Miisa Mink, co-owner of Nordic Bakery, spoke to Premier Hospitality about the latest addition to the business:

“Our first three stores have been successful and that gave us the confidence to open a fourth one. We had actually planned to open a fourth bakery sooner but it took longer than expected to find the right location. Within our brand it’s important to find sites that create the right kind of atmosphere and we’re very pleased with our latest choice.

“This is the first site with substantial downstairs space. It has a high ceiling and alongside the wood and pendant lamps, we’ve created a peaceful and quiet shop where people can meet, enjoy a fika, or work.  The choice of green moss-coloured tiles behind the counter are a differentiating feature of this store.  Green is very on trend and the effect has proven very popular and provoked a lot of positive comments from customers.

“It’s been an inspiration from the start to offer a beautifully designed area without any clutter. We keep it minimalistic in style and pure so the customer can have their own experience within the space. We believe that beauty, design and aesthetics enhance the quality of life.”

Natural pine also features prominently with the design complemented by the simple clean-lined furniture designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara and Alvar Aalto. This clean cut design is also extended to other parts of the Nordic Bakery brand. Pricing, for example, is kept simple and there is no music played to help cultivate a relaxed atmosphere.

Nordic Bakery has established a reputation for its iconic cinnamon buns, along with other Scandinavian cookies and cakes like Sweden’s Tosca. It also serves savoury bakes including Karelian Pies as well as dark rye sandwiches, Scandinavian salads and breakfast.

The other three sites in the brand can be found at Golden Square, New Cavendish Street and Dorset Street. Nordic Bakery fits perfectly with central London by offering refuge and a quiet place away from the busy city streets.

Miisa added:

“Feedback on the new site has been very good so far. Personally, I had more anticipation opening this site than sites two and three. In March we’ll have been in operation for ten years and at that time we were the first Nordic brand in the area. Since then the Nordic food scene has grown and our fourth coffee shop in Covent Garden shows we are the leading Nordic coffee brand in London.”

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