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Lockhouse – A treat for Paddington


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Paddington’s residents, office workers and visitors have been served up a rare treat in the form of Lockhouse – a beautifully designed new urban, casual dining venture, recently opened at the heart of the newly redeveloped Paddington Basin area.

The venue is situated on the ground floor at 3 Merchants Square, in a stunning waterside location.

The interior space is spread over a ground floor of 362m², together with two mezzanine areas totalling 139m².

The project was carried out for pub operator, Redcomb Pubs Ltd. The striking interior design was created by DMP Architects.

Rebecca Groves, associate director of DMP Architects, who acted as interior designer and project manager for the scheme, said: “The initial brief from our clients was fairly loose in that we were briefed on the offer they wanted to provide (craft beer, burgers, chicken and salads), shown the space we had to work with and told that they were looking for a very different design to their previous portfolio. They also wanted the interior to have an industrial feel, which takes its influence from the increasingly popular industrial style restaurants and bars that feature globally.

“The location of the site also played a large part in the brief in terms of the offers that already existed within Paddington basin and the shell of the site itself.

“The existing structure is an almost 7 metre height space with full height glazing.

“The whole of the interior is designed for flexible use – meaning that customers can dine, eat and drink in any area of the venue that they choose. The main double storey space incorporates sharing tables, and cosy soft seating, together with mini ‘room-set’ areas. The mezzanine to the side of the building offers an additional, more intimate dining space.”

The colour scheme includes hints of red throughout, with industrial elements of the interior being influenced by the existing shell of the building. Features of the ‘Lockhouse’ brand can also be seen throughout.

The main palette of materials used includes a combination of concrete and timber flooring, together and brick effect tiling, with brick slip and reclaimed timber wall cladding, enhanced by bespoke artwork.

The toilet block on the mezzanine features red shipping container cladding, with an exterior designed to resemble front doors on a London street. The bar servery is in concrete with a mild steel box frame over the bar and the dramatic double height back bar.

Another striking feature of the interior is the theatre kitchen with open pass, where customers can see their food being prepared.

The design also includes the creation of new signage. Since the exterior consists of full height glazing which had to remain untouched, the new signage was hung from the concrete floor slab above, with new vinyl graphics being applied internally.

In addition, there is an external seating space of about 1.5 metres featuring metal architectural planters, loose external furniture and stainless steel branded cafe banners.

Rebecca Groves said: “The majority of the challenges in this project involved the mechanical and electrical installation – particularly with regard to complying with the overall building requirements and being sensitive to the needs of residents occupying the other floors of the building.

“The location of the site also posed challenges during the construction phase due to the lack of space for parking and site set-up.

“Design challenges included how to plan the back of house areas into the site when the majority of the retaining walls were glazed.

“We also needed to consider how to increase the trading area and get head heights to work, given that the interior includes two mezzanine structures.

“Further challenges included making a double height space feel cosy and intimate and designing multifunctional spaces throughout the venue, whilst ensuring that each space had its own identity.

“DMP were privileged to be involved in such a prestigious project in a key London location for a client who we have worked closely with for a number of years.”


© giles Christopher

Red Source Interiors

Red Source Interiors is a contract furniture, bespoke interior lighting and décor agency providing a variety of unique creations for various industries. Red Source has started 2017 working with a whole host of new clients, both nationally and internationally, but it’s still their longstanding one’s that continue to successfully drive the emerging & expanding bar & restaurant marketplace.

The company has worked with DMP on several projects over the years, always adding something extra to the design process, with the new Lockhouse in Paddington, being an example of a rustic new industrial theme.

Director Claire Reynolds, commented:

“Our clients trust us to deliver excellent service and high quality modern furniture tailored to their businesses, making their restaurants, hotels, bars and offices come to life with luxury and contemporary commercial furniture designs.”

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