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FirePit Smokehouse

FirePit Smokehouse

FirePit Smokehouse & Sports Bar

FirePit Smokehouse

photograph courtesy of Adam Johns Photography.

A former fire station in Yorkshire is being given a new lease of life after undergoing a major transformation to become a brand new restaurant and bar. While once upon a time the old Fire Station in Bingley was a hub of activity, it will be a different kind of fire causing a buzz for the foreseeable future.

FirePit Smokehouse & Sports Bar opened at the beginning of April, the latest concept to be launched by Ormsborough Limited. It is the first of the American-style restaurant and bars to open but Ormsborough already has plans to expand from this landmark location out across the UK.

The old Fire Station is a Grade II listed structure on Main Street, which still has many of its original fire HQ features. To transform it into a space worthy of launching a brand new concept Ormsborough has invested almost £1 million in the design and facilities.

Retaining much of the former fire station character, including the distinctive tower and the existing glass frontage, the building will be given a complete interior makeover. Spilt over two levels, the downstairs area will host the sports bar while upstairs is the dedicated Smokehouse restaurant.

Designers have added Americana including classic car parts, bric-a-brac and neon signage. Crucial to the FirePit, however, is the smoker and wood-burning grill to create its menu of signature US-style dishes such as such as burgers, ribs, pulled pork, brisket and homemade mac and cheese. Focus of the sports bar area is the giant 3.5m wide LED screen where fans can watch live matches and games, along with shuffleboard, pool tables and pinball machines.

Ormsborough Limited was founded by the BurningNight management team and is funded by the Downing EIS Pub Fund.

A VIP event launched the restaurant and bar, with fire breathers and angle grinders putting on a blazing display to welcome invited guests. General Manager Benjamin Comstive said the VIP launch was a chance to show people exactly what FirePit has to offer, and to have some fun with the fire theme:

photographs courtesy of Adam Johns Photography.

photographs courtesy of Adam Johns Photography.

“Because it’s the Old Fire Station, this place is a real landmark in Bingley so we’ve kept lots of original features, inside and outside, and we’ve added some quirky touches like fire hoses and ladders to the decoration so there will be plenty of talking points and things to keep people interested as they go round the building.

“We invited the local fire brigade down, and they’ve agreed to come and bring an engine to park outside, and we’ll be having firestarters so we’ve really gone for it with the fire theme!

“With the party, we wanted everyone to have the chance to have a look at the refurbishment and what we’ve been doing for the past four weeks. It’s been the talk of the town, that’s for sure, especially because it has such a lot of history for a lot of people. They’ve watched it taking shape and been curious to see the end result, and now we’re ready to show them.”

He said the smokehouse restaurant and sports bar area, with its giant 3.5m wide LED screen, shuffleboard and pool tables, and pinball machines, combined to bring something unique to Bingley.

“We feel with the success of Potting Shed, which has just celebrated its second birthday, that there’s room for another exciting venue in town. FirePit is going to offer a city centre-style experience in the suburbs so there’ll be no need to go into Leeds city centre at all.”

Isaac Mayne, head of marketing and promotions, said the FirePit brand was a new and exciting one, and the Bingley site was an ideal choice for its launch:

“Because it’s the Old Fire Station, the name just seemed to fit perfectly,” he added. “It’s grade II listed, so it has original external features which have been protected. As well as the tower, which is obviously one of its most striking trademarks, it also has the big old fire doors which have been pinned back so you can still see those inside the building.

“The FirePit concept is new for us, but it’s a look and a style which we believe works very well and offers customers something a bit different which they’ll really enjoy.”

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