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Drawing Hotel

Drawing Hotel
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Drawing Hotel

Drawing Hotel

As the name suggests, the Drawing Hotel is a venue inspired by art – providing guests at the boutique hotel with a culturally enriching experience.

Conceived by Carine Tissot, the Drawing Hotel is located in the heart of Paris and boasts 48 rooms. The building also houses the Drawing Lab, the first private art centre fully devoted to contemporary drawing.

Artistic contributions from a number of sources are central to what makes the Drawing Hotel unique. Each of the hotel’s five floors has been designed by a different artist, incorporating different styles and colours.

Carine Tissot is well known in the French art scene as the organiser of a fair in Paris called Drawing Now. It is a fair dedicated to contemporary drawing and has taken place for the past ten years. The success of the fair led into the inspiration for the Drawing Lab. Rather than stop there though, the idea of connecting the Lab with a hotel was put forward and the Drawing Hotel was born.

To design the hotel’s public spaces and rooms, Carine and her team turned to local architecture practice Nido Architecture. Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Associate at the firm Chiara Patrassi gave an overview of the unique design process:

“Carine picked the five artists based on what they do and their character. We gave each artist a corridor to express themselves. She picked five very different personalities who have completely different means of expression.

“Of course we like what we’ve done in the public spaces and rooms but the highlight of the hotel is the corridors that make each floor special. We also designed the rooms based on a concept we liked then asked each artist to add one element to this. Most used the headboard which acted as a canvas for the artists.

“On the fourth floor, for example, we collaborated with an artist called Francoise Petrovich. She works a lot with watercolours so we developed custom wall-to-wall carpets based on her watercolours. She wanted the whole corridor to be green so we also worked with that.”

Everything has been custom designed to work with the artists ideas, from carpets to lighting. The whole idea for the public spaces and bedrooms was to make guests feel like they were in a gallery environment but at the same time feel cosy and warm. Rooms are compact with small glass bathrooms, glass cupboards and little desks.

Chiara added:

“We are very excited about the hotel because it was a very particular project. We are very proud of it because we think the design is radical and original. The location of the hotel is very cool and we really like the neighbourhood, which is very popular with tourists.”

The Drawing Lab is a space dedicated to contemporary drawing and every few months a new artist is invited to work in the space. For more information on the Drawing Hotel and the artists who worked on each floor please visit: www.drawinghotel.com.

Drawing Hotel

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