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Set to open in time for the summer, MADE is the inaugural hotel project from hospitality entrepreneur Sam Gelin. Spread across 18 storeys with a total of 108 guest rooms, MADE brings a reinvented guest experience to New York with a bold design and communal atmosphere.

Located in the NoMad neighbourhood, MADE is targeted at the creative traveller and in addition to the innovative rooms boasts a communal coffee shop, restaurant, lobby bar and rooftop terrace. With an intelligent approach to service and an emphasis on the ethos of community, MADE has been designed to be a retreat where social and structural barriers have been removed to encourage inspiring interactions between guests.

Ahead of MADE’s opening, owner Sam Gelin spoke to Premier Hospitality about what inspired him to undertake this venture, the importance of the location and MADE’s design:

“MADE is a hotel for a generation of creative travellers that are looking for a different experience. We felt if we could create something to meet these desires it would be a very powerful thing. We set out to create a space for creative travellers, a place they could call home.

“The NoMad neighbourhood of New York has transformed over the years. It is home to a number of companies, particularly wholesale businesses that add a great deal of colour to the area. Beyond that, there has been a wave of revitalisation with a lot of creative agencies and industries moving in. It’s a really interesting neighbourhood to be in right now.

“When you come into the hotel you have to walk on a bridge over the main restaurant space. You can look down on people enjoying fresh cocktails, great food and interact with MADE before you’re actually in the building. Upon entering you are met by a communal coffee shop area which is very light and airy with handmade tiles on the walls.”

At the heart of the coffee shop is a large table that encourages a communal feel in line with the overall MADE philosophy. At the back of the lobby space there is a stunning, handmade bar made up of a variety of real woods with brass shelving.

The hotel’s design has been developed by Studio MAI with materials playing an important role. The lobby floor and ceiling, for example, are made of walnut that emanates a rich, evocative smell and softly gives way underfoot.

On the second floor of the hotel guests can sample a private garden overlooking Tin Pan Alley, the birthplace of American music, while on the 18th floor a rooftop bar offers some of the best views in New York. Sam continued:

“Probably the first features that will catch people’s attention in the rooms are the French oak floors and walls. The beds are on platforms with luxurious mattresses, a unique headboard fabric and African Mud clothes that are individually crafted and handstitched. Rooms also have an integrated furniture solution made out of anodised bronze, real brass and walnut. It’s a closet, TV stand, storage solution and desk all in one.

“The entire journey and process to deliver this product has been very humbling. To be in a position to create a space where people of all cultures can come and experience a common feeling of home is very special.”

Each day MADE will transform from a relaxed, peaceful setting, perfect for enjoying freshly ground coffee, to an energetic evening hub with craft cocktails and selected wines. Its mission is to provide a new generation of travellers with a creative and communal hub they will be able to claim as their own.



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