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The Parlour


The Parlour


Situated on Burrard Street, Jersey, The Parlour is a stunning new salon offering a range of cuts and finishes – including full bridal services – in an inviting environment. The Parlour is owned by stylist, Lauren Layzell and replaces Lauren’s former salon with a sleek, spacious experience unlike any other.

Keen to find out a little more about The Parlour, Premier Construction recently sat down with owner Lauren Layzell, as well as interior designer, Emily Musker of Waddington Interiors to get the lowdown on the project. Lauren and Emily discussed the work that went into The Parlour, as well as the importance of a carefully considered approach to design.


Hi Lauren and Emily – thank you for taking the time to speak to Premier Construction. Lauren, The Parlour replaces an existing salon – what prompted the move to larger premises?

Lauren: “I always knew I wanted a larger salon and my original salon was very much a starting point, as part of a three-year plan to expand. That plan actually turned into two-year plan and it was around seven months ago that we found this new location, providing us with the opportunity to get started.

“The Parlour is five-times the size of the previous property and not only does it give us more room for new facilities, it also gives our clients the luxury of having a bit more space. Salons can get quite hot and busy when treatments are taking place, so having more space to play with was always an important part of the project.”


How did Waddington Interiors become involved in this project?

Lauren: “I met Emily a couple of years ago, as a client. We were chatting about interiors, about past projects Emily had been involved with, and I mentioned that next time I expanded I would definitely look to an interior designer for advice and guidance.

“From discussions with Emily, I knew we had similar ideas, similar tastes, so as soon as I found the right property, I found out where Emily worked, called them up and we took it from there.”


So Emily, what was the brief that you were given?

Emily: “Lauren presented me with an extremely comprehensive brief in the form of a few too many Pinterest pages. (Laughs) In fact, I’d probably say the biggest challenge on the project to begin with, was that Lauren had too many ideas! So, my first role in the project was to refine those ideas and develop a cohesive scheme.

“As Lauren mentioned, space and the feeling of space, was a key factor of the brief – it was something Lauren highlighted from day one. We then discussed how the space would work, beginning with drawings and then physically marking out the different elements within the building. We spent a lot of time looking at how many people could fit into the salon, while ensuring that everything remained comfortable.”


Were there any specific design requirements in the brief?

Emily: “Lauren wanted a lot of white, a lot of timber – a lot of natural materials in The Parlour. The design took on a ‘Scandinavian meets soft industrial’ feel, incorporating elements such as concrete, marble, industrial feature LED lighting, with a hint of glamour by using subtle pops of gold.”

Lauren: “I wanted a modern industrial look, mainly in monochrome, whilst playing with shapes and textures that really catch the eye. Ultimately, we wanted it to be stylish, yet comfortable.”


You mentioned size was an important part of the new salon, so how big is The Parlour and what does this new space mean for introducing new facilities?

Lauren: “The Parlour is just under 2,000 sq ft – which is around five-times the size of the previous salon. The space has allowed us to incorporate facilities that we simply did not have room for before. One of these, and something I always wanted in my previous salon, was a private basin area. This area is located downstairs; it is decked out dark, and provides the perfect space for clients to relax without feeling like they are caught up in any of hustle and bustle of the salon.”

Emily: “It’s more like a spa experience.”

Lauren: “Yes, clients can now come in, have a blow dry or a treatment and it all remains very private. This is also a great area for wedding parties, as it keeps the group together and gives them the opportunity to have an experience that is purely about them and their important day.”

Emily: “It’s funny, because when we first looked at the downstairs area, we were concerned it might be a bit too small and for a while we weren’t quite sure how we would make the space work. However, once we concluded that the downstairs could become a private, boutique space, with the upstairs being the ‘day to day’ salon, it all came together and it works very well.

“Oh and we must also mention the beauty rooms.”

Lauren: “We now have three beauty rooms. A make-up artist has taken one of the rooms and we’ve got a nail technician starting shortly. We’ve really got a lot more scope to incorporate treatments and ideas that we simply couldn’t do before.”


What has the feedback been like?

Lauren: “My favourite comment so far has been ‘I feel like I’m in a London – there’s nowhere else like this over here’, which is a great comment to hear. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve when I sat down with Emily to discuss the brief.”

Emily: “I think what Lauren wanted to achieve, which she has, is a project that has been implemented properly. We didn’t just want to give the interior a lick of paint, instead we took a step back; we carefully considered the business needs and then started from the very beginning. I think that’s ultimately why it has worked so well, because it was thought through properly.”

Lauren: “For us, the interior was never just about looking nice, it was about people seeing it and then wanting to come through the door. Clients are taking photos of the salon to put on social media and that in turn is encouraging people to come to The Parlour. It’s very Instagramable”


What does the project mean to you both?

Lauren: “This morning Emily and I were in here taking pictures and it was the first time I’d really stopped and thought, ‘wow, we’ve finished – we’re there’. The last few weeks have been very busy, so now I’m happy that it is all complete.”

Emily: “For me, The Parlour has been such a fun project to work on – it has allowed me to be very creative. I must point out that this project has been very much a collaborative process. We’ve worked together, bouncing ideas off of each other, which is something that is quite rare and I’ve really enjoyed it.”


Industville Ltd.


Industville Ltd. is a dynamic addition to the design lighting and furniture sector, specialising in the design and manufacture of bespoke, vintage, industrial inspired lighting and furniture. They offer high quality, design led products, available for next day delivery in large numbers without the high cost and time-constraints of searching for originals. All Industville’s handcrafted products are designed by an in house team of experienced designers and architectural specialists based in the UK.

Clients of Industville Ltd. have included a variety of distinguished retail, leisure and hospitality companies such as Café Nero, Lush, Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and SuperDry, as well as smaller scale independent retail customers.

The Parlour – Jersey is a fantastic example of the variety of different projects Industville have had the pleasure of supplying. At the Parlour specifically it has been fantastic to see their use of the brand new Edison Sleek Pendants and Wall Lights. This is a recent addition to Industville and was developed by their in house designers as a more minimal, refined option for their customers. Available in three brushed metal finishes, brass, copper and dark pewter. With a simple elegant design, these fittings are a fantastic option for any project and work wonderfully with Industville’s range of Vintage Edison LED Light Bulbs, to create a beautiful ambient effect.

Elizabeth Coulson of Industville Ltd. commented:

“It was great to see one of our new collections, the Edison Sleek Range showcased in such beautiful surrounds at The Parlour – Jersey. The brushed brass finish of the pendants and wall sconces are an impeccable addition bringing an extra element of refined luxury and glamour to the space. We are extremely pleased to have been able to supply our fittings to such an outstanding project as The Parlour – Jersey.”

She added:

“We pride ourselves in providing unique lighting designs that highlight our commitment to providing unique high quality pieces with unbeatable lead times whilst ensuring the best possible customer service at all times.”

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