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West View

West View

West View

A project to create five new stylish homes on the island of Jersey continues to progress ahead of its scheduled April 2018 completion. Located on the site previously occupied by the West View Hotel, the new development is backed by the hotel’s former owners.

The 5 new build homes have been designed to fit in with the countryside vernacular, varying in size along with subtle design differences. The largest property is at the top of the triangular site and will be known as ‘West View’. ‘Farm House’ and ‘Coach House’ occupy the other two corners with two barns in the centre making up the rest of the development.

Work on the site is being undertaken by Jersey-based builders Bisson Brothers who brought architect Sara Hart onto the project after original plans had been submitted by Justin Gallaher of Gallaher Architects. Out of the five houses currently being built, his design on West View and Farm House remain unaltered. Speaking to Premier Construction Channel Islands, she gave an overview of her work and what the finished product should look like:

“The job was passed to me via Bisson Brothers and they wanted to make some alterations because they felt the plans could work a little differently. Together, we reconfigured the semi-detached barns in the middle of the site and the semi-detached granite house known as Coach House.

“We had a bit of a play around with the internal accommodation to make it slightly more efficient and increased the amount of living space. We all felt it was a little bit bedroom heavy. We also went for a more traditional barn look.

“Generally in a countryside location such as this, the planning department are looking for something that fits in with the existing Jersey vernacular. The site is designed so the main house looks like a large traditional farmhouse and the other buildings are like the outbuildings that would belong to it. The planning department felt this overall theme was very appropriate for the countryside location.”

West View

She added:

“Design wise it’s been a good site to be working on. I think the challenges have been very much for the contractor on site. I have worked with Bisson Bros for a number of years and they are an extremely good family building company. They are very particular and build to an extremely high standard. I was very flattered to be asked to work on the project because they felt I could add something to it.”

At the present time, West View is the furthest along of the builds. When completed, they will all have timber frames with either rendered brickwork or granite and natural slate roofs. Each dwelling has a private garden and at least one garage.

Established in 1989, Bisson Brothers was formed by Keith and Kevin Bisson but has now grown to a team of 15 employees. The company has a strong reputation for cost effective, high quality builds with an extensive portfolio of work.

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