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Nomad Travel

Travel health specialists Nomad have been catering to the wellbeing of global travellers for over a quarter of a century. With travel clinics and stores nationwide, Nomad is a UK leader for providing health services in the UK.

In total, the company has nine travel clinics fully stocked with a wide range of travel vaccines and antimalarials. In addition, six of these clinics also incorporate a Nomad Store, selling an extensive range of specialist expedition equipment, clothing and travel accessories.

Despite a rich and historical legacy, Nomad is refusing to rest on its laurels and began 2017 by unveiling a brand new store concept that it hopes to roll out nationwide. The Manchester Clinic and Store was chosen as the pilot for the new design scheme which has been created alongside Mynt Design.

Speaking to Premier Retail Laura Burke, Nomad’s UK General Manager, outlined the thinking behind the new store design and what it means for the brand moving forward:

“Nomad has a very rich heritage; we’re a 27 year-old business with a strong brand and a great reputation. However, this was never really reflected in the design of our stores. With the new design we wanted to create a home for travellers. We see ourselves as a one stop shop for travel. You can come in and be completely prepared for your trip by the time you leave.

“When we were talking about the store design it was really about trying to create an environment which felt like a home and didn’t feel too clinical. Travel health clinics tend to feel like doctors surgeries whereas we wanted something with a little bit more soul.”

Using a great deal of rich textures and travel imagery, Nomad wanted the new design to communicate that travel is at the core of their business. Spread across two floors, the Manchester store now incorporates a number of new features.


A ‘meet the team’ board details the global adventures of staff, assuring customers they are in expert hands. Much of the imagery in the store also comes from personal staff experience. A large wall-mounted world map guides visitors to the lower ground floor where they will find 3 clinic rooms, a relaxed waiting area and a selection of Nomad retail goods.

With 27 years of experience, one of the key aspects of the project was making sure a balance was achieved so for existing customers it was recognisable but it could also attract new customers. All members of the business were invited to contribute to the new concept to make sure the history and legacy of the company was given justice.

After reopening in February, the Manchester store has received positive feedback from regulars and new customers. Laura added:

“Feedback so far has been excellent, particularly from customers. I think it’s a very relaxing environment that is very travel focused. We wanted to create something that meant we effectively became part of the travel preparation process. People enjoyed the visits to us and had a good time when they were there.

“A lot of our customers, particularly ones who have been with us for years, are saying the new store is a great environment to be in. We’re incredibly pleased with how it has been received.

“The new concept is very important for the business moving forward. The intention is to refit a number of existing stores to a similar standard. It will be first time in the company’s history that we’ll have consistent branding across the estate and it gives us a credible footprint to grow the business.”


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