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je+1 and Benson for Beds

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je+1 are excited to be showing Premier Retail their new store design for Bensons for Beds!

Following the success of je+1’s original concept design for Bensons for Beds, je+1 have worked closely with the client to roll-out and continually evolve their stores, ensuring that they remain current and encompass all developments within the day-to-day retail operations.

With the majority of their store estate having received the initial concept treatment in various formats, je+1 have been working with Bensons for Beds again to create a new concept for larger format megastores.

The larger format store allows Bensons for Beds to expand on their core ranges and increase choices available to customers with new stores in key destinations.

je+1’s challenge was to create a large format store which allows them to provide a larger focus on the product brands available, to redevelop the Comfort Station concept, create new specialist product departments and redefine how they  communicate their core values throughout, as the No. 1 Bed Retailer.

At the heart of the store je+1 took the Comfort Zone and expanded it to provide a mattress testing area that includes a range of mattress types alongside their Adaptive Bed system where mattress firmness can be adjusted digitally within a single unit.

Leading with bed function at the start of a customer journey, je+1 provided a digital platform which allows exploration of beds most suited to them in store, while also including accompanying products and bedding to be browsed within the same area.

Following on from that je+1 wanted to create brand specific spaces throughout the store which tell their own story to customers in a format that displays varying forms, materials, function, price range and mattress technologies.

Each brand space was given its own aesthetic and unique way of communicating their product. Alongside these je+1 also included a new Furniture Department with Furniture Design Hub.

The hub includes range information and wardrobe finish choices with a platform for bedroom configuration digitally, presenting Bensons for Beds as a specialist in design as well as mattress function.

Additional features were included to physically showcase other new product types such as a developed Kids Zone, Bed-in-a-Box and Pillow displays.

Throughout the store are also stations that provide digital interaction to allow further exploration of products available as an extension of the ranges on display.



As part of John Evans Interior Architecture & Design, je+1 have been working closely with a wide range of market leading retailers for over 30 years.

Core principles and a pragmatic approach to interior design has allowed John Evans to work with private, commercial and retail client alike. In 2013 je+1 was launched to provide a clear identity and focus for retail.

Based in a restored Victorian pen factory in Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter (with a satellite office in London), je+1 comprises a team of 16 people providing total design from concept through to project completion.

je+1 understand that retail is ever-evolving and believe in continuous redevelopment. Their individual expertise provides them with the opportunity to create unique experiences, that connect brands to their customer.

je+1 have experience in building long-term relationships with clients and continue working closely with successful brands to design and develop their small format, high street and large format stores.

For more information, please visit:

Instagram: jeplus1

Twitter: @jeplus1


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