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Pochard Fishing Lodge


Pochard Fishing Lodge

A distinctive project that saw the construction of a new clubhouse on the shore of Pochard Lake Fishery has been recognised at the recent LABC Building Excellence Awards. The uniquely styled Pochard Fishing Lodge replaced an existing structure that had stood on the site since the 1960s.

Completed in June last year, the new lodge has already proved a popular addition with members, having seamlessly slotted into the surrounding landscape. As well as being named Best Small Commercial Project in the Central region, Pochard Lake Fishery was also a finalist in the Best Inclusive Building category.

The new lodge offers members an impressive 180 degree view of the lake and has a light and airy feel that appeals not only to regulars but also visitors sampling the area and its wildlife for the first time.

Working alongside architect Julian P King, Chestnut Morgan was tasked with bringing the structure to life as main contractor. David Morgan, Director at Chestnut Morgan, spoke to Premier Construction about the project and its recent success:

“The project had quite a lot of changes as we went along and there was some redesigning as we were progressing on site. The client changed the cladding on the outside, for example, and we also made some internal alterations, removing a wall and making the kitchen bigger.


“One of the main challenges on the project was that the site is 400 metres from the road so getting materials and people down was tricky. It was a pile construction because this particular area is notorious for sand and obviously the lodge is right by the lake. We piled down nine metres deep into the ground and then did a standard cavity wall construction on top which is clad in stone and clear red cedar.

“The client is absolutely delighted with the work we’ve done and the lodge has already brought additional customers to the lake and added value to his business. Not usually one to enter awards, and only did so upon recommendation and encouragement, this is a really positive thing for the company and it certainly looks prestigious on my portfolio.”

The choice of materials used was done specifically with longevity in mind so not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the lake but it will also serve many generations in the years to come. Finding sustainable sources of energy has also been taken into account where possible meaning the lodge has a very low carbon footprint. At the heart of this are photovoltaic panels which support the running of building, providing energy for electric underfloor heating, low energy kitchen appliances, low energy LED lighting and a low energy waste treatment plant.

A high level of insulation and double glazing throughout also reduce heat loss while water is supplied by an existing well that was cleaned and renovated as part of the works.

The lake has been a popular spot since it was created in the 1960s. It is two acres in size with the depth varying from shallow at the upper spring end to around 15 feet at the dam end. The water provides an excellent habitat for trout as well as other bird and insect life.

The historical value of the lake and the role it plays in the community means the newly built lodge will play an important role in helping secure its long term future. The lodge has given the lake a new lease of life, attracting positive reviews from members, locals and visitors alike. The recent LABC Award success is a testament to the hard work that went into the project and the willingness of David and his team to be flexible to make sure the desired result was achieved.


Sherborne Stone Ltd

Sherborne Stone Ltd operate two stone quarries to produce and specialise in Sherborne Stone – an oolitic sandy limestone from the Jurassic Period and Forest Marble Stone – also from the Jurassic period – which is a hard shelly limestone.

Sherborne Stone Ltd is a Dorset based company which re-opened Frogden Quarry 17 years ago. Sherborne Stone produce a variety of products from building stone to bespoke fireplaces, which are either supplied to clients looking for home improvement projects, or to national builders who use Sherborne’s stone within their large housing developments.

Sherborne Stone Ltd pride themselves on working closely with their clients to ensure they get the results they desire, meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Such was the case with a recent project – Pochard Fishing Lodge.

Sherborne Stone Ltd Manager, Martin Dodge, said:

“We were thrilled to be selected as the stone of choice to build Pochard Fishing Lodge. It was important for us to be involved in this project, as it was going to an area of the country where our stone isn’t currently widely used, and it therefore gives others the opportunity to work with and see the products we have available, here in Dorset. It was particularly nice to be able to supply all of the natural stone for the project, including window heads and all of the sawn stone for the chimney.

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