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Smashburger was founded ten years ago by Rick Shaden and Tom Ryan with a simple mission – to create America’s perfect burger. Armed with a unique approach to cooking, Smashburger has since broken all expectations and can currently be sampled in over 350 restaurants in both America and countries around the globe.

In 2016, Smashburger crossed the Atlantic to open its first UK restaurant in Milton Keynes. With ambitious plans to open at 35 locations across Britain in the next few years, sites in Newcastle and Brighton quickly followed. Most recently, Smashburger Bath welcomed its first customers at the biggest UK restaurant to date.

This latest addition to the portfolio also marked the fourth collaboration between Smashburger and award-winning design agency Caulder Moore. Once again building upon the design standard established at the other UK Smashburger sites, Caulder Moore helped to adapt and enhance this for the individual needs of Bath.


Image Credit – Ferla Paolo Photography

Speaking to Premier Hospitality, Caulder Moore designers Daniela So and Katie McSweeney gave an overview of some of the work that went into the Bath restaurant. Daniela began:

“This is the fourth Smashburger store that we have worked on so we have an idea of what they want from their restaurants. We set the strategy framework in the beginning, to tailor the environment and tone of voice to appeal to the UK audience. It was also important for the concept to incorporate site features such as the blockwork into the design.

“Each project has been quite different in terms of location. Milton Keynes, was in the middle of a retail park so people tend to drive there whereas Brighton is in the middle of the high street in quite an old building. Each one posed a different design challenge so we had to tailor the existing design plan we had slightly for each site.”

The original plan had been for Bath to be the second Smashburger site but the size of the restaurant meant it was held up by a number of factors. Previously two retail spaces, the restaurant is spread across two floors totalling approximately 380m2. Katie continued:

“For Bath the client wanted to have an increased number of low, family seating due to it’s size and location. The facade of the restaurant was inspired by US factory meatpacker district with exposed ceilings, red steel columns & signature brickwork. We also have seating that goes all the way around so you can see a people inside enjoying the experience.

The team at Caulder Moore also work with Smashburger on their branding to adapt the US model for the UK market. What hasn’t changed, however, is the unique way Smashburger creates its burgers. Using 100% British beef, this is hand-formed into a meatball before being smashed and seasoned on a hot buttered grill. This process is reflected on the walls so customers are in no doubt about what they are getting with urban typography & icons that tell the story of its heritage & bold signage reinforcing the brand appeal – “smash, sizzle & savour”

Feedback on the latest Smashburger has been hugely positive, taking advantage of a location subject to large amount of footfall. Reflecting on working with Smashburger as a whole, Daniela commented:

“It’s been very interesting to work on these first four Smashburgers in the UK and also learn about the burger making process which in turn inspired the theatre showcase at the front counter

Katie added:

“We are very proud of the UK translation of the Smashburger brand.  It is fantastic to see how well it has been received. “


Image Credit – Ferla Paolo Photography

RVTV Security

RVTV Security specialises in the installation of security systems, included CCTV, intruder alarms, access control, fire alarms and automatic gates. The company has been in operation for 17 years and within this time has installed security systems for various leading names, including Costa, Domino’s Pizza, Snap Gym, Starbucks and KFC, as well as for councils, schools, numerous M&E contractors and for the Crossrail project.

Most recently, RVTV Security supplied and installed HD CCTV at Smashburger Bath. RVTV Security valued their involvement in the project and look forward to seeing Smashburger continue to expand.

Lee Marshall of RVTV Security, said:

“At RVTV Security, we pride ourselves on our nationwide coverage, as well as the fact we retain our customer base. We still look after many of our original customers from 17 years ago, from Domino’s franchisees to councils and we have a strong technical support team which is more and more important with all security equipment now being networked.”

RVTV Security was started by Lee Marshall and each year sales have increased with the business having to relocate to larger offices on three occasions. This increase is due to customer retention and having the personal touch, with dedicated office support staff available at all times of the day.


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