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Combining a love of live Jazz music with fun and fresh Mediterranean-style food, Jazzgir creates a relaxed atmosphere without compromising on quality.

Situated Harbour-side, Jazzgir overlooks the water and offers an easy-going ambiance to reflect the laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle.

Jazzgir’s interior features warm, neutral colours combined with golden notes, wooden features and leather sofas to provide a welcome escape from the harsh lines and grey palette of city life.


Work on the interior of Jazzgir was created by Battal Etlik of Battal Etlik Studio. Speaking to Premier Hospitality magazine, he said: “I love simple designs that do not tire. We have managed the project by paying attention to great details. I stayed flexible within the original design but we have made essential changes, however not outside of the main concept.

“We have used leather, wood, marble and brass. These materials were all natural and enable the design to stand out. The entrance has stainless steel with granite marble, along with wood with a gold inlay to create a different atmosphere and the use of onyx on the bar was balanced with dark granite on the walls. Light is an essential element of any design and the use of brass is also part of the ceiling design, which gives additional reflection for the use of light.”

The dishes at Jazzgir have largely been created around a sharing concept, embracing the European culture of sharing food and enjoying music with friends. Delicious variations of meat, seafood and vegan options make Jazzgir an ideal venue for groups.

The Mediterranean menu includes dishes like Tuna Carpaccio with Pressed Cucumber, White Asparagus Purėe and Pea Shoots in a Martini Dressing, Rib Eye Steak with Mixed Leaf Salad and Sautė New Potatoes and Salami Milano served with Plain Focaccia Bread.

Accommodating Canary Wharf’s business population, Jazzgir will also offer a bespoke corporate menu. This menu will be available to those organising parties of any scale, as well as offering daily meals for local offices on a take-away basis.

Live jazz music is at the heart of Jazzgir’s character and will host some of the most talented musicians. Every evening Jazzgir’s live music will start with acoustic piano from 5pm, with live jazz bands performing from 7pm until 9:30pm, followed by a DJ set until late, allowing guests to kick-back and enjoy a vibrant and lively evening.

Since opening in May 2017, feedback about the restaurant has been positive.

Battal concluded: “My client as the owner of the investment and myself as the designer worked in total harmony to achieve the same goal. The investor believed in me and I always paid attention to his views. The most important result is that I have designed the space beyond his expectations. This is the ultimate feedback for me and I am proud to have been part of this project.

“This was my first project in London, and will therefore be extremely memorable for me. Success comes with continuity and I believe that Jazzgir is set to become and stay a sought after place where people enjoy going and sharing their good times.”



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