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Broad Walk

Broad Walk
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Broad Walk

A London home that was patiently rebuilt over a six-year period now has a cutting-edge interior design to match stunning architecture. Thanks to award-winning luxury interior design practice Roselind Wilson Design, the 13,000 sq ft home now reflects the personality of its owners.

Known as Broad Walk, the home has now received industry recognition with a SBID International Design Award nomination in the ‘Residential House Under £1m Design’ category. To find out more about the work Premier Hospitality spoke to Ros Wilson, who began by explaining the project’s unusual background:

“The client is in property development and they built the house over six years scrutinising every detail, which is why it took so long. They have a high attention to detail and everything needed to be perfect.

“They told us when they built it they didn’t know how to furnish it so they left it quite bare and sparsely decorated the property. After a couple of years, they realised it didn’t reflect their personality and that it was too cold and too impersonal. It was at this point that we came on board.

“It was actually a really interesting brief to be honest. I’d never been to Winchmore Hill before and decided the best thing to do would be to get the train there, have a walk and get a feel for the area. All the houses are big with large grounds and the property in question is a 13,000 sq ft beautiful property. It’s very grand, very symmetrical in the architecture and is glamourous yet understated.”

Broad Walk

Informal Living Room

Central to the new design was making the house feel more like a home. The new look is sophisticated and elegant yet warm and welcoming. Reflecting on some of the standout elements, Ros continued:

“There are a number of standout features throughout the property. I think the hallway is definitely a standout because it’s quite big and it’s great to enter a property in London where the hallway has been attended to and given some thought. We really put an emphasis on making sure there was texture and good lighting because the hallway has a curved wall and part of the wall is a fish tank with tropical fish. To supplement the striking architecture in the hallway we used beautiful furnishings like the table with a silver leaf base and gloss timber top.

“The house also has a basement with a large swimming pool and gym. The entrance to this area is quite distinctive with exposed brick walls and we commissioned Rupert Bevan to create an amazing antiqued mirror. The ambiance in this area is calm and quiet.”

Particular attention was given to the sourcing of furniture, fixtures and fittings to make sure quality was prevalent throughout. This was just one of the reasons the work was recognised by the SBID, with the nomination marking an important point in the growth of Roselind Wilson Design as Ros explained:

“I know some contemporaries who don’t pay much attention to this sort of thing but I think it’s really important for the team and everyone who was involved in the project. It takes so much planning and careful coordination, working around the clock to make sure everything is delivered perfectly. When you get recognition like an award nomination it makes it all worthwhile.

“For me it was really good to work on this project. I have a great vision for the company and want to take it very far. I know how hard we’ve worked so far and I want us to enjoy the journey but also get where I want us to be. These awards are a stepping stone to getting there, bringing increased recognition from peers and contemporaries as well as consumers. It’s great for growth and to achieve our goals.”

Based in London, Roselind Wilson Design is a multi-award-winning luxury interior design studio specialising in top end residential projects both in the UK and abroad. Providing full turnkey solutions, including interior and architectural design, the studio has an impressive portfolio of work. To find out more, please visit

Broad Walk

Master Bedroom


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