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Gellideg Wellbeing Centre

Gellideg Wellbeing
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The Gellideg Wellbeing Centre

The Gellideg Wellbeing Centre is set to enrich and develop the community of Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, when it opens its doors in 2018. The project – valued at £3.5 million – is supported by The Gellideg Foundation Group; a charity which aims to alleviate poverty within the community, whilst helping to promote Wellbeing for people of all ages.

Located in the heart of the community of Gellideg, the construction of the Wellbeing Centre will create a timelessly striking image, whilst invoking a sense of ‘pride’ for people within the area. In addition, its central location should make the facilities accessible for the whole community.

Construction work began in January 2017 with the appointment of WRW Contractors in December 2016. WRW expect to have fully completed the project by April 2018, with progress moving at a ‘very good’ rate.

As of late August all foundations had been planted and the centre’s timber structure had been erected.

The centre is designed to cover 880m² internally, whilst incorporating an additional 1150m² of external space. This external space will create a tranquil and uplifting community environment that will enhance the structure.

The internal plans, drawn up by Architype, accommodate a range of rooms including a conference room, a workshop, computer and technology facilities and a community hall. One side of the Wellbeing Centre will have three floors, whilst the remaining side will have two, in order to account for a slope which the building is being built on. The building will include a balcony to take advantage of the slight incline and this will provide the building with an incredible view of the Brecon beacons.

The design adopts a Passivhaus style, renowned for reducing internal heating costs to a significantly lower level than standard buildings. The design incorporates energy efficient facilities and will have good access to daylight to reduce costs.

Helen Buhaenko from the Gellideg Foundation Group said: “The Wellbeing Centre will transform the derelict heart of the estate and its presence will enhance the area significantly, providing a visual focus and centre to the community. This building will change lives and will be a place where services and facilities will be available to the community for the first time.

“It will be a place where people can learn, be active, connect, give and be. We will focus on delivering services and support to people living in areas experiencing high levels of deprivation, so that people of all ages are able to reach their potential and lead fulfilling lives.”

Alongside the educational aspects of the Wellbeing Centre, the building will encourage bands and sports clubs to use the facilities, embracing creativity at every opportunity.

Helen added: “We’d like to say a very big thank you to all of our funders who have helped to support this project and to support us. We’ve received funding from: The Welsh Government, Merthyr Tydfil CBC, Ffos-y-fran, The Big Lottery fund, Merthyr Valleys Homes, Henry Smith Charity, Children in Need and The Bailey Trust.”


Credit to: Elly Deacon, Senior

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