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Mount Haven

Mount Haven
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Mount Haven Refurbishment

Following acquisition by St Aubyn Estates in July 2016, Mount Haven Hotel and Restaurant in Cornwall, has undergone a stunning renovation.

The 19-bedroom hotel, closed in November last year to house a full refurbishment of the plumbing, electrical systems and interior design, which included an expansion of the kitchen space.  Externally, a repaint of the building was completed as part of the project and a vision for the garden was established by landscape designer Michael Harvey, with initial planting work undertaken prior to opening.

Speaking to Premier Hospitality about the project, Aletha Mays, Marketing Manager for St Aubyn Estates, said: “Since re-opening on the 1st of June, the feedback we’ve received has been very positive. Many of the clientele from previous years have returned and they seem to appreciate the changes that had been made to the Hotel.

“It wasn’t a complete change from how it previously was; it’s more of a refurbishment. For us this was critical because it didn’t change the experience customers were used to, it just enhanced it.”

Aletha added:

“We invest in the notion that Mount Haven really is a Haven. Despite other area’s becoming busy in the summer months, this is still a place you can come and chill out.”

Cornish Heritage Builders was the main contractor on the refurbishment project, while 3idog was the designer. Steve Coombe is the founding partner and creative director of 3idog, a locally and nationally known interior design company, who were tasked with running the project.

Aletha said:

“We’ve worked with Steve Coombe the designer before; he has a very keen eye for observing the environment. We asked him to consider the existing style of the hotel in his design proposal, and to provide a contemporary style and vision, that was in keeping with the building.”

The hotel development is just one of the many steps that St Aubyn Estates are taking to assist in the development of West Cornwall as a prime tourist destination.

Aletha commented:

“It is very important for us to complete this work; it highlights a real show of investment in the town and a commitment to West Cornwall. We aim to continue providing good hospitality to visitors within the town and work with the community and other local businesses to further promote this beautiful part of the country.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of West Cornwall.”

Mount Haven


Specialising in contemporary furniture and lighting, Momentum provides for all aspects of the hospitality industry including restaurants, hotels, bars and more.

The Cardiff based company have been in operation since 2001 and have since gained a reputation for having high-quality services, whilst in the process undertaking a range of projects, most notably Cheltenham Racecourse and Watergate Bay Hotel.

Most recently, the firm have worked closely with 3idog to source the right products to help create the best atmosphere for the hotel.

During an interview with premier hospitality, PJ Statham said:

“It is important to be involved with this project because it is a contribution to the work of St. Aubyn estates and Steve Coombe of 3idog. It helps to project that Cornwall can compete with the best coastal places worldwide.

“Our extensive and comprehensive portfolio allows us to help with every site and value of project. Our service to our customers, even in deepest Cornwall, is so very important to us.”

Mount Haven


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