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Log House Extension

Log House
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Log House Extension

A residential project to expand an existing home to cater for the needs of a large family has been nominated for a SBID International Design Award in the ‘Residential Design Over £1m’ category. Located in Kazan, Russia, the home’s new architecture was created by Orkun Indere Interiors with work taking place between February 2015 and November 2015.

Blending functionality to cope with variable Russian weather and stylistic internal flair, the home also now benefits from a new extension. Orkun Indere spoke to Premier Hospitality about the project and began by explaining why the work was needed:

“The idea of adding an extension started with the need for more space that the existing building did not meet. The client’s needs centred on a whole family of five moving into the house. The existing building was quite small in relation to its mass, as the architecture of the district consisting of highly inclined roofing was diminishing the beneficial use of interior areas.

“With his new life beginning, the client was in need of some requirements like a bigger en-suite bedroom, three children’s bedrooms, a walk in closet, a proper entrance to the building, dining room and a stunning reception room.

“With this in mind it was chosen to extend the building, adding a new area to be connected to the old one. The entire complex would then be seen as one big chain of buildings.”

In total the house now covers 1350 ft2 across one storey. The only material used in the construction of the building is engineered timber, with the logs connected with wooden dowels and metal bolts which run from the top to the bottom of the wooden log wall. Wood was specifically chosen for a number of reasons, most notably its durability and ecological benefits. Special consideration also had to be given to the roofs which were carefully designed to meet the challenges posed by heavy snow.

It was this attention to detail and considered thinking that attracted industry recognition. Reflecting on this, Orkun Indere added:

“This project was extremely important because it was the first building project for us and it was designed starting with interior design facilities so the interiors shaped the exteriors. It means a lot to be nominated for this award because the SBID is an internationally known professional body registered in the UK to accredit professionals in interior design. To be accredited by the SBID is a great opportunity to spread our design approach and projects to an international platform.”

Log House

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