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Kitri Pop up Project

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Kitri Pop up Project

Contemporary fashion brand KITRI has launched its first retail space in Marylebone, Central London following the brand’s launch in March 2017. The two-story space is set amongst a row of Victorian shop fronts and will act as a temporary-hub for KITRI for two months.

The space, crafted by London design duo Campbell-Rey aims to excite and entice shoppers with striking pink walls which feature gloss burgundy accents while geometric contrasts have been employed with a graphic black and white floor to create an eclectic feeling within the space.

The ground floor will house day wear clothing, whereas the lower floors will showcase evening wear. To support this idea, the designers conceived the ground floor as a light and playful space, whereas downstairs is darker and more refined.


In-store exclusives and forthcoming collections will be housed in the space which brand founder Haeni Kim believes will help consumers to get to know the brand. Kim believes that KITRI Customers may play a big part in the future designs of the products:

“KITRI customers are creative and discerning fashion lovers. I wanted to invite them on the design journey so they can tell us about their dream pieces and what they would like to see us design for them next. I wanted to create a fun and interactive space where we can share the vision of the KITRI world.”

In addition the project will see the store host a series of events in partnership with influencers and customers including limited time discounts.

Campbell-Rey co-founders Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey said:

“We wanted to create something that felt striking and elevated but with a real sense of fun. It’s a bit like being inside a box of liquorice allsorts. It was important to take it beyond what you would expect from a typical pop-up.

“Haeni’s business is about reimagining wardrobe classics with a playful twist, and it was very exciting for us to bring it into the physical space. The work we carried out was very collaborative with Haeni and we worked very closely together – which we enjoyed. The brief itself was very generous in terms of freedom and what we wanted to do was create a place that the KITRI customer could really relate to.”

Despite the luxury finish the pair managed to create, they did confess some aspects of the project were challenging.


Duncan said:

“One key issue we had to face was to make the store high impact, while being aware of the fact it isn’t going to occupy this space forever. It had to feel like a finished store, being very polished and well designed, but elements of it are almost like a theatre set because it won’t last us 10 years. I think this was a difficult challenge but one that we overcame.”

Charlotte added:

“Time is always a challenge, but we managed to turn around the store within three days. Everything came in on time, like it was supposed to do, and this is always a treat.

“In the end what we wanted to do was make people who walk past, be drawn in to the shop and make it stand out and that’s what we’ve done with high impact, high colour and lots of fun.”

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