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Humble Grape

Humble Grape
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Humble Grape

Humble Grape have expanded and opened a new branch in Islington, following the success of its Battersea and Fleet Street locations. The third location sees a shift from the conventional designs to a more advanced feel.

With a collection of over 400 wines, founder James Dawson and the team’s dedication to providing highest-quality products has catapulted them to success since they first opened in 2015. The independent Wine merchants were founded in 2009 and pride themselves in seeking out unknown, but specialist vineyards from around the world to culminate in one of the world’s most vast collections.

Humble Grape encourages guests to discover the origins of each bottle by exploring the Winemakers Wall, a feature now installed across the branch, which features tales from the Vineyards.

Dawson has once again worked with Trellik Design Studios to carefully craft the Humble Grape’s latest venture, but have evolved their previous design’s to enhance the customer experience. The space will flow from the wine shop, bar and wine library through to the dining room, taking inspiration from nature with an urban garden supplemented climbing vines and picturesque flowers.

The designer’s palette adopts deep greens, tan and clay, accompanied by a natural furnishing which helps to intensify the companies’ sustainable environmental ethos.

Humble Grape

James Dawson commented on the new project, stating:

“I’ve always loved Islington – the people, the neighbourhood, the buzz, and we have plenty of clients who live around there too.

“It felt like a natural home for the next Humble Grape. The interior design has come to life and we’ve enjoyed welcoming the residents of Islington into our space and introducing them to our wine. We’ve got some incredible new imports lined up just for them.”

Executive Head Chef Kishen Raheja has created a simple yet unique menu. All dishes are freshly prepared on site and ingredients are sustainable and ethically sourced, from independent suppliers.

Premier Hospitality interviewed Jean Dumas, Director and Architect in charge of the project who said:

“We got involved in the project through one of my previous jobs on a restaurant called Source, who Humble Grape supplied for. From there we designed the first branch in Battersea and they asked us to do a bigger job at Fleet Street and they were both successful.

“As the collection developed, we began to develop in our design. The first Humble Grape venture was quite simple, and the second then advanced somewhat, but what we are trying to do with Islington is make it more refined and elegant. We have assimilated a design which is quite interesting.

“We were given a very open brief with regards to the project because we have a good relationship and they trust us to make decisions for them. They asked if we could do the same but make it more elegant and upmarket’.

“Downstairs we have had to create quite an intimate environment for people to enjoy the social aspect, whereas upstairs we have the business orientated retail design, with a quieter vibe. It’s quite nice to have those two different areas for people to access and enjoy their wine.

“We started work on the project in February, with time to create the design before a six week project on site. We also used the same contractors which helped keep the project smooth. We’ve almost become a family with the contractor, we both want the best for the client and we understand each other.

Humble Grape

Jean said Trellik had designed a warm environment for their clients:

“Before we moved in it was very cold and not a very cosy space, we’ve created an atmosphere where you can enjoy your wine and the intimacy of the space. We’ve also adapted the bar to make it a real stand out feature and we’ve found some beautiful rustic boards for the top of the bar.

“It helps to keep a humbled environment, which obviously links in with the brand name.”

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