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London Batchelor Pad

Batchelor Pad
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Batchelor Pad honoured

The stunning transformation of a high-end London apartment has won the project a place as a finalist the in the SBID International Design Awards 2017 ’Residential Apartment under £1M’ category.

The project, entitled London Batchelor Pad and designed by Prestige Architects, was carried out within a Grade II listed building, where a key challenge of the brief was to ensure completion on a limited budget and within a tight three-month timeframe.

Despite this, all obstacles were overcome by the designer and contract team and the client was reported to be ‘extremely pleased with the results’.

Batchelor Pad

Marco Braghiroli, managing director of Prestige Architects said: “We undertook this development for an existing client for whom we have already carried out previous schemes.

“Cost and timing were key issues for the project. The apartment layout included one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and living area, which we carefully re-worked to create a more spacious look.

“The brief was to maximise internal space whilst respecting the existing building envelope and to create an additional cloakroom, as well as transforming the original bathroom into an ensuite.”

The space has been reconfigured and beautifully transformed, including the installation of an Italian kitchen and new traditional radiators, the upgrading of the apartment’s original bathroom, which has been enlarged to create an ensuite with bespoke joinery and clad with stone tiles and mosaic. A bespoke unit in the same style as the vanity unit hides the boiler and the washing machine, maximising the functionality of the space with style.

A new cloakroom has also been introduced to serve the living area and was created by expanding the existing envelope of the building.

The bedroom area has been redesigned with a full size wardrobe, with panelling and suede being used to create a feeling of continuity within the space.

The high ceilings within the apartment allowed the designer to introduce large distinctive chandeliers, perfectly complementing the expert use of colour to infuse a luxury look into the new layout. These elements also created a superb setting for the apartment’s existing fireplaces.

“Given the building’s Grade II listed status, we have kept all the original features, including the original floor in the living room which has been repaired and stained and the newly required fire door which has been stylishly hidden within a cleverly designed partition,” said Marco Braghiroli.

“Lighting was an important element of the project and we used this to create dimension and connection to maximum effect throughout the property. Attention to detail was also important in ensuring continuity throughout the design.

“One of the biggest challenges was to ensure that we respected the existing envelope of the building, whilst introducing new services and keeping within budget and on schedule,” he added.

“The project was completed very smoothly – on time and on budget. Becoming a finalist in the awards is very important to us and it is nice to be recognised for creating a design which is worth showcasing.

“All of my clients become my friends, and it is important to maintain this type of working relationship based on trust and an understanding of their individual requirements.”

Marco Braghiroli is an Italian architect from Milan and the founder of Prestige Architects Ltd, specialising in high-end, bespoke boutique residential projects. Based in London, Prestige works with clients throughout the UK and abroad, creating some of the most beautiful and innovative living spaces, through a tailored traditional, contemporary or modern design based on client requirements.

Batchelor Pad





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