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Project Littlewood – Excellence in the extreme

Proud finalists in the SBID International Design Awards’ ‘KBB’ (Residential Kitchen, Bedroom and/or Bathroom) category, Extreme received recognition for their ‘ Project Littlewood ’ scheme to create a super-luxurious, uniquely personal and practical kitchen for a high-end client in a prestigious Surrey residence.


Extreme’s Creative Director, Marcello Cuconato, commented: “We designed a kitchen 10 years ago for this client, and a new design was needed to suit their current needs, lifestyle and evolving tastes, using some of the latest luxury materials.

“The aim of the design was to create a kitchen with emphasis on luxury and practicality, in keeping with the remainder of this large family home, which has also been meticulously refurbished and extended by luxury housebuilders Octagon Developments, to increase the overall size by a third.

“The palette of materials used included those less commonly associated with kitchens, such as bevel mirrors and high-gloss veneers – uniquely combined with textured liquid metal, leather and bronze.”

The principle for the space was to design exquisite furniture that complements the rest of the interior. However, rather than blending into the interior scheme and architecture of the property, the kitchen was conceived as a feature exuding the level of sophistication, style and design that reflects the character, success, and achievements of the owners. This was to be a beautiful, luxurious yet very functional environment in which the couple could entertain and cook for the family.

The clients are particularly fond of their shagreen leather dining table, so this was reflected by choosing a bespoke, practical and durable metal finish, executed in a shagreen texture, subtly tying the open plan kitchen and dining areas together. This metal texture is present throughout the design in various forms, resulting in a cohesive aesthetic.

Octagonal angles are a key feature of the architecture of the building, and this has been echoed in the design of the boxing around the kitchen cabinetry. Conversely, the curves on the kitchen island offer a softer, more elegant aesthetic and overall form, which juxtaposes the linear and angled elements within the rest of the design and surrounding space.

Along the walls, a shadow gap frames the cabinetry, creating a recessed area for a flexible lighting scheme which gives options to create the right atmosphere and mood for all occasions. Each recess is finished in the metal texture to continue the detail and throws a luxurious shagreen metal appearance which comes to life when the lighting is on.

Marcello Cuconato continued: “Challenges of the project included technical elements such as the optimal positioning of services, as well as the fact that the client wanted to retain the fundamental layout of the space which worked for them, yet re-design the kitchen to look like a completely different environment.


“Another challenge was to create a bespoke drinks display area – a piece of furniture which linked the kitchen to the rest of the living space.”

Extreme’s SBID nomination marks their third year of nominations in international design awards. Marcello Cuconato continued: “We are honoured to have received this nomination and have our work recognised around the world. We are incredibly passionate about creating unique designs and we believe firmly that exceptional design lifts the spirit and frees the imagination. To be acknowledged as a company with an influence on design is a superb moment for us.”

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