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HEINEKEN Headquarters Cork

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HEINEKEN Headquarters Cork

Following on from the successful refurbishment of its offices in Dublin, HEINEKEN recently instigated a major refurbishment at its headquarters in Cork. Housed within the Malt House of the former Murphy’s brewery, the office space has been overhauled to create a vibrant, open and connected workspace.


The Malt House was originally a five storey structure that featured a number of historic elements such as sandstone, timber trusses and cast iron columns. The central section of the building was also home to floors with inadequate headroom that created a cramped working environment. Having previously worked on the hugely successful refit at HEINEKEN’s Dublin offices, McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects were once again tasked with transforming the workspace. One of the main decisions they took was to remove a floor and create a bright double height space. Martin Spillane, Director at the firm, spoke to Premier Hospitality about the effect of this decision and the other standout elements:

“As the floors were so low everybody had partitions around their desks and it was a very cellular, closed off type of arrangement. In line with the vision of the company HEINEKEN wanted the building to reflect the culture; more open and balance the rich heritage with the modern requirements of the future. As the Dublin office had been such a success we didn’t have much trouble selling the idea of a more open, connected workspace. There was a real desire to go down this road even though it was a big change.

“By creating this new dramatic heart at the centre of the building, it has brought all members of staff back into the building. As an organisation it means they’re a single cohort and in terms of work flow and collaboration it works much better. One of the other main functions we tried to look at was accessibility. We’ve been able to make all areas of the building accessible for all.

“In terms of the look and feel of the building, we focused on creating a vibrancy with colour choices. As you look through the space all the meeting rooms use quite strong colours that have been taken from the HEINEKEN visual identity. We also themed the rooms so there’s a Heineken®, Orchard Thieves, Murphy’s room etc.”

Overseeing the work in their role of Project Manager, Malachy Walsh and Partners were familiar with what HEINEKEN expected, having been working with HEINEKEN in Cork since 1983. Managing Director Seamus Kelly spoke to Premier Hospitality about the work and some of its challenges:

“Staff had to be relocated floor by floor because the work involved incorporated not only the removal of a floor and its replacement with a double height space but also the revamp of all the office floors. Inherent to that was to expose the original industrial character of the building, making the building as open plan and as interactive as possible, increasing light levels and exposing the fine features of the building. This included cast iron columns and the old sandstone walls which are now visible at every level.

“One of the main challenges was time. The contractor could only do a floor at any one time because of the requirement that all staff remained within the building during construction. Matters like noise and dust had to be mitigated against along with making sure IT, lighting and heating service were maintained. Every move floor by floor was planned meticulously.

“In addition, when the walls were being stripped down there was always a concern about what condition they would be in. Some work had to be done in restoring the stonework locally in getting the cast iron columns to a fine finish. Timber beams had to be treated to get them to a level where they could be exposed and visible.”

The result of the extensive makeover is a dynamic workspace that is both productive and practical yet maintains the fabric and heritage of the building. Building on the success of the Dublin offices, Cork now also has the balance of productivity and design aesthetic. Reflecting on this, Martin concluded:

“The interesting thing for us was working with a historic building. As part of our company ethos we’re always looking to maintain clients because we see it as strong recognition of our work. This is our second project with HEINEKEN we had great partnership from the first start of the project and we would love to do repeat work with them in the future.”

Bushell Interiors Limited

Bushell Interiors Limited is a privately owned company, founded in October 1980. The company is principally involved in the design, sale and distribution of lighting and office furniture systems and boasts a 20,000ft showroom in Park West Business Park, featuring the very best in contemporary lighting and furniture.

Bushell Interiors Limited supply and install throughout Ireland, to private companies and public bodies. The company’s focus is on supplying quality, fully certified products to their clients, while achieving competitive pricing for each project.

Siobhan Chaney, Sales Manager for Bushell Interiors Limited, said:

“Our excellent sales team, along with our after sales service, ensures that we build an impressive client portfolio and most importantly accomplish high levels of customer satisfaction.

“As our customers’ businesses, grow, change, and restructure we are able to support them by ensuring our workspace remains flexible and representative of their needs. By taking a holistic view of the building and its fixed features we are able to ensure an appropriate dynamic between rooms, space requirements and furniture systems.”

Past projects for Bushell Interiors Limited include The Marker Hotel and The Gibson Hotel, as well as works for Pernod-Ricard, Clarion Hotel Group, Aramark, Kerry Group and The Maxol Group, amongst others.

Most recently, Bushell Interiors Limited worked alongside the client, architect and design team on the Heineken Headquarters project. On this project, Bushell Interiors Limited supplied the furniture and lighting for the Heineken Cork and Dublin Offices.

Siobhan said:

“Our furniture and lighting sits proudly in the reception, offices, open plan work area and the conference/meeting rooms of the Heineken Headquarters.”




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